The latest trends in wedding shoes

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You’ve finally bought the wedding gown, your veil and now you are finding yourself in a quandary over shoes, right? Your mother suggests a traditional pair, your best friend echoes your mom’s input but deep in your heart you know that you are not a traditional woman. They reason with you that this is the not the circumstance to make a statement.

If you are not a woman that sees herself a traditionalist in the office, why change who you are for the biggest day of your life? If being true to yourself ranks high with you, your time has come.

Wedding shoe designers have heard your plight and are responding! Imagine being able to wear wedding shoes with colour and a little zing! After all, your wedding day is more of a personal statement than it is a time to be someone you aren’t.  The nice thing about the styles that are being worn while walking down the aisle is that these are no “one hit wonders” relegated to the shoebox after you say, “I do”.

There are several new and exciting trends for the 2010 wedding season. Here are a few of them:

  • Bring on the Colour – Shocking pink, cherry red, dazzling purple and rich blues are among the colours being paired with wedding gowns this year
  • Animal Prints – Cheetahs, tigers and zebras are no longer just for your area rugs
  • Let your sole do all the talking – Perhaps wearing a colourful or animal print shoe is a little too bold even for you. From your favorite cartoon character to Andy Warhol, the bottom of your shoes can say what you have always wanted to.