Hiking in High Heels?

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It’s no secret that fashion very often prizes form over function. And the perfect case in point is the current phenomenon of high-heeled hiking boots. There’s a slew of them out there from high street to high end. They have all the elements of a traditional hiking boot: thick tread soles, sturdy laces, padded insoles… except that that have high heels that are 3, 4, even 5 inches. These certainly aren’t what you’ll want to wear to climb a mountain! But for those of you that like them just to be cute, they retail for $1,000 and are available at ssense.com

If you can’t afford (or think it’s silly) to spend a grand on a pair of hiking boots that are no good for hiking, there are plenty of more affordable options. Trend haven Topshop has a good pair that are less than $200. As a bonus these look like they might actually fare a little bit better in nasty weather than their more expensive counterparts. So at least your hike down a snowy sidewalk can be stylishly functional.

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