The Zooey Deschanel + Steve Madden Shoes That Never Were

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Zooey Deschanel is known for being a multi-talented performer. The star is a TV and film actress, a model, a singer, and a musician of several instruments. The entertainer was reportedly set to add designer to her long list of talents, by way of a deal with Steve Madden. Well… “designer” might be a stretch of title. Deschanel’s agent made a deal with the shoe company that the actress would be the face of a new line of shoes. Apparently, however, the deal was only by verbal agreement and the company backed out of the arrangement. Now the actress is suing Steve Madden for a reported $2million. images via

It makes us wonder what the shoes would have been like, if the deal had moved forward. Deschanel’s style is typically on the frilly side of very girly – not overtly sexy, and a little bit old-fashioned. See above an ornate pair that she wore to a recent Hollywood event. Which of these from the current Steve Madden inventory do you think would have suited Zooey’s line?

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