4-Year Old Suri is Katie Holmes’ Shoe Stylist

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With two movie star parents one can’t help but be in the spotlight. And with little Suri Cruise knows it or not, there’s an adoring public that watches her every move! The four-year-old made a splash in 2009 when she was photo’d wearing little toddler heels and, apparently, Suri is still hot on the fashion track. During a recent shopping trip with her mother Katie Holmes, the little one was very vocal about her style opinions.

“At one point, Katie liked a pair of shoes, but Suri hid them because she didn’t like them on her mom,” reports US magazine. “Katie went to look for them afterwards but couldn’t find them.”

Holmes has said that her daughter has a “good eye” for fashion and is always giving style advice. If she truly is a fashion-lover, Suri certainly chose a good family to be born into. With star power and the bank accounts to match, she’s got access to all the style in the world… literally.

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