Lindsay Lohan to Add Shoes to 6126 Brand

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Celebrity fashion lines aren’t uncommon these days. But when the celeb is the paparazzi darling Lindsay Lohan the new wears are sure to garner more attention. Despite LiLo’s lukewarm success with her leggings brand 6126, and an absolutely disastrous stint at Emmanuel Ungaro, the star is pushing forward in the fashion biz by adding shoes to her brand.

While it might be a stretch to call Lohan a shoe designer, her team insists that the actress is very involved in the creative process. “She comes to meetings with [magazine photos], photos, and fabrics,” says business partner Kristi Kaylor. “She brings her own shoes in to show specifics. She’s ultra-prepared, all the time.”

According to, the line will range from $100 to $450 and be available late 2011. See another sketch example of the shoes here.