‘Flatforms’ Take the Fab out of Fabulous

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While platforms continue to sweep the shoe market, their quirky cousin flatforms have entered the scene and are gaining some momentum. What are flatforms, you ask? Just picture your favorite platform shoes… but without the heel! Now we like to remain fairly neutral at HHD, but it has to be said: these are NOT CUTE. And we aren’t just saying that because they remove our favorite part of a shoe (the heel). Flatforms are a very tricky style to wear, especially for those with large or even medium-sized feet. They can make your foot look very big and clunky and they are surprisingly hard to walk in. That considered, we think you may as well wear a heel! But designers this spring seem to disagree and are churning out this style in many variations. What do you think of these? Above: Derek Lam sandals available at Saks.

Prada – probably the only time you’ll ever see a flat oxford/sneaker on this blog 🙂

Chanel – a slight incline helps the silouette of this shoe, but it’s stilly pretty clunky.

3.1 Philip Lim – the kitten heel works wonders for the look of the shoe. The ankle strap elongates the shoe, but it probably won’t do so for your legs.

photos: style.com

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