Melissa Heels: Fantastic in Plastic

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Technological innovations have resulted in quality synthetic materials for clothing and shoes, making items from imitation leather, suede, and nubuck. For some fashion-savvy vegans, the materials’ similarity to leather and other animal skins is a problem as wearing them may seem to condone the use of animal materials. If you feel this way, or you just want to explore other shoe-making materials, check out Melissa Shoes.

Based in Brasil, Melissa Shoes are made from 100% recyclable plastic and feature shoes by innovative designers such as Vivienne Westwood (like the remarkable Elevated design pictured above). Some of Melissa’s shoes are simple yet intriguing flats, but the company’s fashion-forward heels will bring your style to new heights, literally!

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Melissa collaborated on a shoe design recently to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday. The result is a striking design: a sandal with a pencil heel, ankle strap with a small rounded silver buckle, and several criss-crossing straps, all made from recyclable plastic. It comes in five colours: yellow (seen above), green, orange, brown and black .

Melissa has too many other sensational vegan shoes to mention here.  However the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon peep-toe ankle strap variations – available in both gloss and metallic finishes – are particularly worth a look. How can you not love this fun pink version, which comes straight from the heart?

For lots more fantastic-in-plastic vegan friendly shoes, see Melissa’s website.