Survey Says: 50+ Ladies Still Love Heels

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Once upon a time it was customary for women of a certain age to pack away all things that represented their youthful beauty: long hair, short skirts, and definitely high heels. These days however, the rules are a lot less rigid and while an itty bitty mini skirt might still be a no-no for a woman over 50, fabulous shoes of all varieties remain fair game. This might go without saying, but a recent survey by Saga Magazine felt the need to prove this fact.

Seventy-two per cent of women over 50 still wear high heels. According to our customers in a recent Saga Populus survey, 42 per cent of women under 70 still wear high heels regularly and a further 30 per cent get them out for special occasions. Some 4,400 women took part in the poll.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 52, is pictured in the above photo via

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