Cheap Affordable Shoes on the Red Carpet

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Natalie Portman was seen on the red carpet recently wearing a pair of beautiful black, peep-toe pumps. The award-winning actress wore the shoes with a black dress to the Director’s Guild of America awards this past weekend. It’s not surprising that Portman chose a fabulous pair of shoes – what’s surprising is that they only cost $90! photos:

That’s right: less than US$100 for her red carpet look. It’s not an amount for the average Jane to spit at, but we’re so used to seeing celebs wear outrageously priced designer shoes – both on the red carpet and off.

Instead, the mom-to-be wore a lovely pair that many people can replicate in their own wardrobes. They are the “Labrie” satin pumps by ALDO and they are available at the Aldo website. UPDATE, March 2016: these shoes are no longer available.

Kudos to Natalie for her practical and pretty choice!