Designer Feature: Yotam Solomon

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Israeli-born designer Yotam Solomon has a thriving ready to wear brand characterized by sexy, modern clothing, but it was his footwear that got our attention. Not only are his designs sophisticated with a streamlined edge, but the FIDM graduate also has an intriguing perspective on the world and a commitment to social change. You might remember the name from last fall when we did a quick blurb on the Yotam Solomon Oil Spill collection for Spring 2011 (seen above). The collection is available now and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to clean up efforts in the aftermath of the BP oil spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. High Heels Daily was lucky enough to chat with Solomon about his upcoming collections and his career as a designer. Check out the interview below.

Have you always wanted to be a designer? Do you have any other past or current career ambitions?
I actually play the viola and most people don’t know this about me, but before fashion I was going to be a professional musician. The change took place for two reasons, one being that I was always great with styling tips, I knew the trends, and everyone always told me I would be a designer. Growing up I use to also sketch architectural structures and build them using different materials. The most important factor that drew me into designing fashion is the fact that you can empower others and target an issue. Designers have a voice and they express it with their creations, in classical music your always limited to expressing the composer’s ideas.

Why is Sustainable Luxury important to your brand?
Sustainability is more than being eco-friendly it means that everything you use and create is recyclable and will be able to be reused just like in nature… Most people have no idea that when they buy a pair of shoes their purchasing a product that has parts made in at least 5 different countries and so many chemicals and man-made materials its hard to count them all.

How do fashion trends influence your design process?
Being that my inspiration comes from nature and social issues I don’t see a need to explore trends, on the other hand when I do shop it’s important for me to observe new details and unique techniques in both new and vintage fashion as I always keep learning.

Your Fall 2011 collection is titled ‘Drugs & DNA.’ What message are you hoping people will receive by the theme?
I hope people understand that what ever they do is O.K. (As long as they don’t hurt anyone else by doing it) since life is a big experiment it’s nice when people say it’s O.K. to make a mistake or that its fine that we are not perfect. With a larger picture in mind this collection is again about raising awareness and understanding that whatever we do we must take care of our body and health and overdoing anything can be harmful. Drugs are infamous, dangerous and even sexy to some people and through this collection I hope people explore and think about everything they do that involved this subject. Below: The Jet Stilletto, The Altered Pump, and The Pill Boot.

What do you think of the crazy high heels we see on the runway during fashion week?
Runway shows don’t always showcase wearable fashion which is OK since for luxury fashion its about showing the ideas, Couture is a perfect example since it’s one of the most divine industries in the world being that it creates the most amazing fashion in the world yet many few people buy these creations and possibly wear it once. I do want to make sure most people understand that couture can only be made in Paris and be licensed from the French government to do so, if you see a fashion company based outside of Paris and has the name couture added to it, its not it -sorry. People need to understand that this super high heels are made to showcase and idea and not really to be worn. I personally don’t think heels over seven inches should be made since there is no point to it, but it does make a statement at the end of the day.

Who would you most love to see wearing your shoes?
I’m very proud to say that I was fortunate enough o work with one of my favorite icons Mrs. Victoria Beckham who is an amazing person. I would love to dress Vanessa Paradis as I find her extremely talented.

See the Okino – the first heel Yotam ever designed in the video below. It’s available at ShopFlick with other styles from the designer. Find out more about the Yotam Solomon brand at You can also connect with the designer on his Facebook page and on Twitter.