High Heel Taste Test: From Discount to Designer

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True high heel love doesn’t hinge on what label a shoe has, but on it’s beautiful design. Still, there are plenty of women (and men) that go wild over a pair of pumps if it has the right brand attached to it. But is it really worth it to spend the extra cash? One consumer magazine set out to find out. It’s certainly not a study that would hold up in a science lab, but the results were interesting.

Consumer Reports tested a pair of $570 black Manolos against a $69 pair from Nine West and a $30 pair of Mossimos from Target.

More than a dozen eager magazine employees volunteered to walk in the heels over a defined course twice a day for a week in each pair of shoes — and fill out a ballot each time. The labels were covered so the women couldn’t tell which ones were the less expensive brand and which were the expensive ones.

Most of the women thought two pairs looked and felt pretty good. But the $30 pair from Target didn’t fare as well during testing.

… Overall the Manolos were a better-made shoe.

“The materials they were made of were superior, and many of the women liked the styling, too,” said Mandy Walker of Consumer Reports.

But you don’t have to break the bank to have comfortable and stylish heels. In the blind test, the women thought the $69 Nine West heels were the easiest on the feet.

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