Product test: slim gel comforts

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It was hard to miss the bright and bubbly team from Footcare International at the Australian Shoe Fair earlier this year. For three days they liberally distributed their products to industry insiders, promising to cushion the walks of the lovers of even the very highest heels.  Armed with plentiful free samples of these products (we walked past their stand several times!) we were itching to see if the reality lived up to the hype. Our reporter offered to put her Saturday night on the line and filed the story below.

New season 15cm stiletto suede boots – check!

That burning feeling in the balls of your feet within about 20 minutes of putting them on – unfortunately also check and well..Ouch!!!

Yes as much as we love our towering heels, they can wreak havoc on our feet especially in the cooler months. Enter Daniel Richards and the team at Footcare International.

Footcare International have been creating footcare products for the last 20 years and in more recent years have expanded their range into what has to be the most extensive range of high heel helpers we’ve ever seen.

Their latest products are the slim gel comforts, sole secrets and sole  comforts which are suitable for basically any type of heel you can think of.

This past weekend I wore my favorite pair of oh so high but oh so painful suede boots for a night of drinks and dancing out on the town with my gal pals. Now usually I would reserve these boots for times when any walking is limited to being pretty much from cab to club. This time though I found I had a secret weapon on my side – I was packing Footcare International’s slim gel comforts.

The slim gel comforts work on providing cushioning for the ball of the foot and the heel with gel pads – absolutely perfect for  adding some much needed cushioning to my stiletto boots but yet not so bulky that they made my boots more uncomfortable than they were in the first place which I’ve sometimes found with other brands. Basically Footcare international slim gel comforts did a great job and I was able to dance the night away in style (and – without anyone being the wiser – in comfort too).

You can check out Footcare international’s full range with product descriptions at their website.