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Meet Filio Metsi! She’s a fashion editor and stylist, and the proud owner of these sassy Zara pumps. Filio tells us:

About the heels… these ones from Zara are lovely, ’cause they are classy, their shape is classic, but they have this sexy cut on the side, that really flatters the legs! They are easy to style, easy to walk in and I love their color: simple white!

Here’s some pictures of the full outfit this time, from a recent shoot Filio did for her blog buy Seroquel pills in toronto. Filio has teamed the Zara heels with a denim dress from Mango and a Louis Vuitton clutch.

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buy cheap Seroquel under without rx

generic Seroquel usa

For more pictures, see the buy Seroquel in england of Filio’s blog. Thanks Filio for sharing this great look with us!

More about Filio: Filio is currently working as a Fashion Editor in an online luxury boutique and a Fashion Writer for a Greek fashion magazine. She describes her blog buy Seroquel pills in toronto as “One part fashion, one part streetstyle, one part everyday obsessions equals STYLE.”


If you’d like to share your latest high heeled look just go to our discount Seroquel, and fill in your details. We’d  love to feature you.

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