Lady Gaga’s spike heels

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Lady Gaga has released the first two minutes of a video prelude to Marry The Night, the fifth single from her Born This Way album.  It’s basically creepy and weird (and like Gaga it is arguably overrated in the artistic talent stakes) but at least it contains some high heel shoes.

The video shows Gaga being pushed around some sort of hospital or asylum on a medical trolley by two nurses. In between quite a lot of nonsense, Gaga says:

Those nurses are wearing next season Calvin Klein and so am I. And the shoes – custom Giuseppe Zanotti.

The shoes are indeed custom made heels by Giuseppe Zanotti (pictured above) and they have at least a six inch clear spike heel. Being custom made doesn’t stop them looking cheap and nasty, and otherwise unremarkable.

Gaga doesn’t leave the trolley in the video but there’s more than five minutes of prelude still to be released. The singer has tweeted that the full prelude is 7 min 33 seconds  so who knows what fashion freakishness is still to come?

You can watch the released portion of the prelude – entitled “Marry the Night: The Prelude Pathetique” – below. It’ll probably become an instant classic but frankly the video is about as exciting as the shoes.