Brutal beauty in black sandals

When Ogla from Lola from Valencia said she loved the brutality of these high heels we understood immediately.  Olga was kind enough to share her thoughts about these beautiful heels and how to combine them to create the perfect look.

I am such a lucky girl because I succeeded in finding the perfect black high heeled sandals. I love them for their brutality and heavy appearance.

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Olga recommends combining these shoes with light and tender clothing, and says that when worn with the right combination the heels can make legs look thinner and more graceful.  Pictures of two different looks created by Olga with these high heels are below.

Olga’s beautifully brutal high heels are from Zara. For many more fashionable looks from Ogla, please see her blog Lola from Valencia.

Thanks Olga for sharing your looks with our readers. If you’d like to share your latest high heeled look just go to our submit pic page, and fill in your details. We’d  love to feature you!