Pop icon Cheryl Cole has released her first shoe collection, which went on sale via stylist pick earlier this week. The heels were designed by Cole over a period of some months, with a lot of late nights into the bargain.  We don’t think she would have been lacking inspiration though- the star confessed to Grazia magazine that she owned about 2,000 pairs of shoes!

I hoard them all over the house, in cupboards in the kitchen, in the bathroom, every room.”There is a big chance when you open the fridge in my house there will be a pair of shoes at the bottom.

Cole explained her hand in the design process of the new range:

I think some people would be surprised by how hands on I’ve been, from the initial design to picking the right fabric, material, working out a structure and a shape that works.

One of our favourites from the new collection is the Ri Ri ponyskin boot (pictured above). Cole says she loves leopard print and loves high heels – “my favourite elements combined in one super sexy boot.”

Meanwhile Your Royal Hotness (below) is Cole’s “signature shoe” – “…it had to represent me – it’s girly but glam, all at the same time. I love every detail from the studs to the heart on the heel.”