Filio Metsi’s year in high heels

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A year in high heels is a year well spent. Today the fabulous Filio Metsi from All You Need is Style takes us through her year in high heels, with 3 of her favourite high heel looks from 2011.

Filio start with Topshop’s caged suede heels (above)which she says “are really flattering and feminine while at the same time are attention grabbing and easy to combine!”

Second up are the cool Asos’ chunky booties below which Filio says “are skyscraper high with just the right edge and go perfectly with wide legged pants or high wasted suede shorts.”

Filio finishes her top 3 high heel looks for 2011 with Alexander Wang’s Freja booties below. Filio tells us that “apart from being every model’s favorite, these booties come in this unique burgundy shade and are really special due to their wide front opening and stitching detail- perfect for jeans and leggings!”

We also asked Filio to gaze into her crystal ball and tell us where she sees high heels going in 2012. Filio told us:

As a high heels enthusiast, I enjoy my heels the higher the better. I get disappointed to see designers creating kitty heeled versions and although it is practical to keep a bunch of lower heeled pairs in your closet, I think what is truly timeless are the heels that flatter you the most. And that is undoubtedly a classic really high heeled pump.

So, in 2012 I see much of the pointed toe cap, especially in silver or gold, platforms that are not kept hidden anymore and heels decorated and embellished in every possible way. High heels never go out of fashion!

Thanks so much Filio for sharing your looks of 2011 with us, and your predictions for the high heel world of 2012 as well. For lots more pictures of Filio’s year in high heels be sure to check out our Facebook album. And see lots more fashion from Filio on her blog, All You Need is Style.