The look for less: Louboutin and Fergie

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We need to say it outright: nothing compares to the Louboutin Pigalle. The exquisite cut of this iconic shoe has been turning heads for damn near a generation. Add the signature red sole, the legendary Louboutin craftsman ship and this striking fluorescent yellow color, and you have a heel that will stop people in the streets.

On the other hand, $625 is a lot of money to risk getting caught in a crack in the sidewalk. For a different take on the fluoro yellow look, how about these Protest pumps from Fergie? Like the Louboutin they’ve got the pointed toe look, but have a slightly lower heel (4 inches verses 4.7 inches) and a different, rather more sturdy-looking cut. Man-made, they’re available from for $69.99.