Pastel power

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It’s time to break out the pastels, as Laureen Uy has done with these purple suede high heels from Top Shop. Laureen tells us that she loves these heels: “they can be worn both during the day and at night, and the suede fabric makes them more glam too ;).”

Describing herself as a “Fashion Slave,” Laureen is a fashion blogger, actress and the co-owner of Stylebreak. She blogs at Break My Style.

For this look, Laureen has matched her suede high heels with a detachable collar from Miss Sartorial, a Bottomline top and Topshop jeans. For further details of Laureen’s outfit, including the accessories, and more pictures see Break My Style.

Thanks Laureen for sharing this look with our readers! If you’d like to share a look please get in touch.