Who buys the most shoes?

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Which country's women buy the most shoes?

A survey by research specialists Euromonitor has attempted to join the dots between nationality and footwear buying patterns, by finding out which nationality’s women buy the most shoes.

The research focussed on Europe and found that, of European women, the French buy the most shoes, with an average of 6 pairs a year. However the researchers found that American women buy more than even the French, so Americans take first prize.

Behind the French were English women (5.4 pairs per year), Italian women (5.2 pairs per year), Irish women 5 pairs per year), Dutch women (4.7 pairs per year) and Spanish women (4.5 pairs per year). Polish women came last, with an average purchase of 3 pairs per year.

The survey was commissioned by spartoo.com, an online footwear retailer focussing on the European market.