Mandy Coon’s fish skin shoes hit the catwalk

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Innovative fish skin high heels hit the catwalk recently at New York Fashion Week. The shoes were created by up and coming New York designer Mandy Coon in collaboration with the growing Australian company Shoes of Prey.

Former model Mandy’s fish skin high heel designs were tailored to reflect nature, as Mandy explained to Shoes of Prey: “The basic structure of all things is made up of mathematical sequences that, when made visible, are beautiful… I was intrigued to find that there are similar sequences that occur in both music and nature.” The talented designer may be in good company in using fishskin as a material too: Manolo Blahnik announced he was also using fish skin in a collaboration just last year.

Shoes of Prey, which allows people to design their own high heels and other shoes online, was responsible for producing the fish skin shoes, but Mandy handled the design. That enabled the company to tweet that the heels were by Shoes of Prey and the brilliance by Mandy Coon.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they’re going to be available for sale even though the fish skin high heels were a hit on the catwalk. The collaboration between Mandy and Shoes of Prey was one of three the company undertook for New York Fashion Week, and the shoes were apparently one offs. Still we can hope that Shoes of Prey collaborates with more up and coming designers in the future.

Mandy Coon x Shoes of Prey