Is Pleaser’s Domina the world’s most mainstream fantasy shoe? [pics, video]

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For reasonably priced, sexy black high heeled sandals it is hard to go past the top-selling Domina 108 heels from Pleaser.

The strappy, synthetic 5 inch heeled sandals are both fun and fashionable as well as sexy.

No shoe exaggerates the arch of the foot more than these sandals. They are both bold and beautiful!

The best place online to buy Pleaser’s Domina 108 sandals is via where the shoe has been sold since 2000. Please note that as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases if you click on the link below.

Pleaser’s Domina 108 sandals are available for $44.95 via Amazon.

You can also click on the link to read hundreds of ratings, reviews and see more pictures.

Please note that the Domina is now sold under the “Devious” brand (one of a number of Pleaser brands). It used to be sold under the Pleaser brand itself (as you will see from some older photos below which have “Pleaser” on the inner sole).

The Domina was created by high heel specialists Pleaser, a manufacturer whose products sits somewhere in the broad range between mainstream and fantasy / fetish shoes.

Mainstream purchasers love the non-leather, vegan-friendly nature of many of their shoes (like the Domina) while those looking for something more raunchy drift towards their range of 6 inch stilettos and clear heels.

The shoe proved its mainstream credentials at least as early as 2013 when it was added to the catalogue of (now defunct retailer) under the Viva Bordello moniker.

The Domina was so popular on that site that it soon sold out!

Recently, Domina has also produced in colors such as gold and pink (and more).

Check out our gallery of pictures of the Pleaser Domina below or head to Amazon to see more.

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