Get your kicks with this fab new sneaker heel from ZiGi Girl

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red sneaker high heels

Sneaker high heels are a popular but hard-to-find commodity, which is why we’ve dedicated a page to some of the coolest stiletto sportwear that the web has to offer.

**UPDATE, MARCH 2017: the shoes depicted in this post are no longer available and links have been removed and the post updated. If this changes, we will post new links.**

Today we can add to those selections with the new Salute heel from New York’s ZiGi Girl brand. This awesome 7 inch sneaker has a 2.5 inch platform, meaning an effective heel height of 4.5 inches. And that’s enough to turn even a short-arse into a 6 foot plus basketballer.

The new Salute has a canvas-covered upper and rubber soles and details, plus a lace-up sneaker-inspired front as you’d expect.

Back in 2013 you could pick up a pair of these hot shoes for $129.99 in red or black. Sadly they are no longer available.

black high heel sneakers