Is Aldo on drugs? The shoes I tried to hate but now love.

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Aldo boots


This is Drugolo, a $100 per pair black leather bootie from Aldo (with free shipping both ways from Zappos). And when I first saw it, I couldn’t work out what the hell this shoe was all about. It seemed like Drugolo was trying to tap into every conceivable trend – and all at once: ankle straps, pointed toes, booties and side-revealing cutouts are all shoe trends for 2014, but in the same shoe? Really?! Drugolo was on drugs I concluded until a split-second later when I realised that it was bloody perfect.

This bootie just works. The lines are gorgeous – smooth and decisive, not too pudgy and not too severe. The heel height is 4 inches –  a proper heel, without being unbearable. And the ankle strap and cutaway midsection just, well, work. What can I say? There is no point in analysing this sexy, functional, fashionable shoe. But Aldo, this is good.

Aldo booties