Ice cream and soda float Charlotte Olympia’s boat

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Charlotte Olympia ice cream high heels


When I was a kid, ice cream and soda were two of my favourite things. Preferably taken together as an ice cream float, I practically lived on both of these delicious substances for years without gaining a pound. Skipping forward a few years this is not quite so easy to do, but happily Charlotte Olympia has devised a clever way to let me relive those happy childhood days. Yup, I’m referring to ice cream and soda themed high heels and they really do exist.

These Italian made high heels are new to Neiman Marcus, and they’re fabulous. The ice cream cone peep toe d’Orsay pump has a 5.5 inch cone styled high heel offset by a 1.25 inch platform. A splurge of white ice cream frames the front section of the shoe which is otherwise decked out in trendy pink and green pastel shades. A thin white ankle strap (also very much on trend) completes the look. With a calfskin leather upper, Ice Cream by Charlotte Olympia retails from Neiman Marcus for $995.


Charlotte Olympia cola high heels


The soda bottle sandal taps into the PVC shoe trend that big designers have embraced for original fashion pieces. Charlotte Olympia’s PVC creation has a 5 inch soda bottle shaped resin heel which is alleviated by a sturdy 1.5 inch platform. Sure to have fashionistas fizzing, Soda retails from Neiman Marcus for $1,695.