The V-shaped, cutout vamp, mini-d’Orsay pump. It’s a thing.

dOrsay high heels


There’s little doubt that this is a massive high heel shoe trend and it’s hot as hell. The tricky thing is to precisely identify what it is in words! Doing the best I can, I will describe it was the “V-shaped, cutout vamp, mini-d’Orsay pump” trend thing. Sorry if that just sounds like blathering. Basically we’re talking about a V-shape being created between the front and the back of a pump for a brief period. This reveals the arch of the foot on the instep (just like a d’Orsay) and mirrors the effect on the outside of the foot.

I might not be making much sense as usual, so I’ll let a couple of examples speak for themselves. Above is the 5 inch Trina in black suede by L.A.M.B. The curvy sides are sexy in the extreme, and this single-sole leather pump sits atop a 5 inch thin heel. This shoe is new to for $264.99.

Sorry about the incoherence but I hope you see what I mean.



steve madden pumps

The same on-trend look can also be achieved with a Steve Madden pump,  but at less than half the price and with a more moderate 4 inch heel. The shoe above is the new Varcityy stiletto. The upper of this heel comes in three suede colors (blush – pictured above, blue and black). This fashionable high heel is available from Zappos with free shipping for $99.95.

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