Shoe dangling or shoe play

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The internet has many mentions and videos of shoe dangling, but what is this strange phenomenon?

In reality, shoe dangling is just what it says it is: the simple act of a woman letting her shoe dangle from her toes, often slipping the shoe on and off again as she pleases.

This is sometimes seen as a sexy or teasing act, a way of using a sexy pair of shoes to catch male attention.

The eye is drawn from the high heel – as most shoe dangling for this purpose is done in heels – up the wearer’s leg and beyond.

Part of the attraction of shoe dangling can sometimes be that the onlooker is unsure whether the “shoe play” (as it is also known) is absent-minded, merely playful or deliberately provocative. There is also the prospect that the shoe might eventually drop!

With the number of male devotees of high heels out there, a woman who dangles her heels in public is likely to find that at least one set of eyes in the vicinity lock onto her activities. This is regardless of whether she is dangling intentionally or not.

The practice of shoe play has a large following in the shoe fetish community where models post videos dangling their pretty pumps or slapping their mules against their feet.

That is not the only place you will find shoe dangling though – we even found it occurring on a display mannequin in a major department store as seen here. Is this by accident or design? We will never know!

So that’s shoe play – certainly harmless, sometimes flirtatious and generally fun for all concerned!