What is toe cleavage?

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Toe cleavage is a very popular fashion look when it comes to high heels.

But what does “toe cleavage” actually mean? And does it matter?

What’s in a name? The definition of toe cleavage

The saucy-sounding “toe cleavage” is simply the name given to the revealing of the beginnings of the toes in closed-toe shoes.

It’s called “toe cleavage” because what you see is a partial reveal of the cracks or gaps between the toes.

Legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin has referred to this as the “third cleavage” behind chests and, er, behinds.

Of course toe cleavage is not confined to high heels.

Many ballet flats are also low cut and show toe cleavage – sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

The extent of the reveal depends on the design of the shoe and the length of the wearer’s toes.

Is toe cleavage OK? Is it sexy or unprofessional?

Much fashion advice focuses on whether toe cleavage is OK in the office or how much toe cleavage is acceptable.

Some say only the first few cracks of the toes is enough. Others say more is fine.

And of course the advice differs as fashions change.

The truth is that toe cleavage is totally not a big deal (see what we did there?).

Some women love the look and others hate it. But shoe choice is very individual. That’s how fashion works.

These days, nobody is going to say that toe cleavage is unprofessional.

As for whether toe cleavage is sexy, there is no doubt that it is. It’s not called cleavage for nothing!

But dresses, tops and just about anything can be sexy – that doesn’t make them inappropriate.

Toe cleavage in the office?

There are lots of things that do matter with shoe choice, particularly in an office environment or to an interview.

It’s important to select a heel height that you’re comfortable in, and to turn up with clean unscuffed shoes.

Beyond that, how much toe cleavage you want to show – if any – is really up to you.