FN Shoestar Contestants Design for Fergie

Who needs TV these days when we’ve got the world wide web to entertain us? And it’s not just blogs and shoe sales keeping us glued to our monitors, the so-good-it-must-be-fattening phenomenon that is reality television has found its way onto the net and the new medium means niche shows are easier to find. We, … Read more

FN Shoe Star’s Rebecca Taylor Challenge

Last month we were introduced to the young competitors of a fun new online reality competition show on the hunt for the next hot shoe designer. FN Shoe Star features six FIT student in New York City who are competing for a job a prestigious shoe company. There first challenge for the young designers was … Read more

FN Shoe Star Searches for the Next Hot Footwear Designer

Now that TV is saturated with “reality” programming, design competitions have turned to the web to host niche shows. One such show is “Shoe Star” – a Footwear News-sponsored show that features an assortment of young shoe designers from F.I.T. competing for a chance to work for footwear company Brown Shoe. Besides having a heavyweight … Read more