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Gianmarco Lorenzi’s new website: weird

Gianmarco Lorenzi

We waited an age for Gianmarco Lorenzi’s website to relaunch itself but the day finally came at the end of April 2014. The site had been dead for over a year and so I was kind of thinking that the relaunch might be remarkable. And so it was. But so not in a good way.

The new site opens with a video which stars Lex Anna Olsen and Mia Lucie in what is effectively a lesbian soft-porno film. There’s a lot of shiny black latex clothing, some GML heels and assorted fetish wear – gloves, harnesses and so on. And there are sinister looking masks as well. At first glance I thought they were robot masks but perhaps they’re horse masks. Anyhow they’re creepy.

In the film the girls are gyrating with each other, kissing and mask licking (you cannot make this up). An optional link to an uncensored version of the video for those 18 and over has breasts, oral sex and – I do not jest – some sort of possibly plastic vajayjay. There’s some sort of submission / domination thing going on but there isn’t really a coherent plot. It’s just fucking weird.

The film is appropriately called “Sextatic” (I would be disappointed if it didn’t have a name as tacky as its content) and is available on the Gianmarco Lorenzi website. If you’re after the R18 version, a link will make itself available to click during the video.

Perhaps this is art. If you ask me, it is more like some art student trying to be a wanker – and doing a pretty good job of it. If this gets you going then great. For my part I’d rather see GML concentrate on making some decent shoes and keeping its website up to date. Check out screenshots of the video below. Just please don’t make me watch that shit again.

Lesbian kiss GML

Gianmarco Lorenzi video

Gianmarco Lorenzi porno

Brian Atwood resort 2014

Brian Atwood resort 2014

The magic starts with a sketch. A Brian Atwood collection starts with the shoe designer extraordinaire sitting down at his sketching desk in his Milan design studio. The desk is crowded with coloured pens and pencils, fabric samples and – naturally – high heels. Framed pictures line the walls. There are many bookcases too, no doubt full of inspirational-design-producing reading material. “I’m always thinking of new things,” Atwood said on a video insight recently posted to YouTube (see below), “so I just love being surrounded by beautiful things.”

Fast forward to the point where the sketch above has manifested itself into Atwood’s Amaris platform Mary Jane, one of several highlights from the recently released Brian Atwood resort 2014 collection. The physical creation of these beauties has involved the shoes being assembled in Italy with the feature stud and chain detail applied by hand. After some sneak-peak pictures on social and mainstream media the heels are released into the wild, and Atwood returns to his sketching desk and starts over again.

sexy sandals

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These items of fantasy footwear may never leave the house, but they're guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom ...
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The Amaris double platform open toed sandal has a 6 inch heel with a 2 inch platform. It is available now at the Brian Atwood website for $2,295. More pictures and a video of Brian Atwood at work follow below.

Brian Atwood Amaris platform

Brian Atwood high heels

Sexy Easter bunny in six inch pink stilettos

Carrie LaChance in stilettosHappy Easter from! We hope your Easter weekend is filled with some of the very best things in life, like chocolate and high heels.

Today we feature model Carrie LaChance as the Easter bunny – in white lingerie, with bunny ears and of course a little bunny tail.

Carrie’s wearing some hard-core, six inch pumps which originated from her online retail store Arch Enemys which Carrie used to run with her photographer husband Nate.

Carrie LaChance high heels

When she’s not dressing up for sexy photoshoots, Carrie has plenty of other things going on in her life. Carrie and Nate have just moved to Portland Maine a few days ago and they have been busy setting up their production and photography studio there.

The couple have also previously run a bricks and mortar retail shop, which they plan on re-opening in Maine in the future although not right away.

VIP Members of Carrie’s site can view her full Easter Bunny photo set on in the VIP gallery.

Check it out for lots of very high, sexy stilettos being worn by the delightful Carrie LaChance.

Have a very happy high heel filled Easter.

Introducing Christian Louboutin’s collection for spring 2013

Chirstian Louboutin Kimpa

This year Christian Louboutin has been drip-feeding his Spring collection piece by piece through his e-boutique, rather than release the whole collection at once. Plenty of nice pieces have surfaced though, including this Kimpa 5 inch python sandal which is available from Christian Louboutin for $1,495.

Peter Lippmann Christian Louboutin

The advertising campaign to accompany the collection uses a fishing theme, the pictures being by photographer Peter Lippmann, who has collaborated with Louboutin before. One frustration of the drip-feed approach to the collection’s release is that not everything appears to be out yet. We’re yet to spy these gingham-inspired red soled slingbacks but will be keeping a sharp lookout.

We’ve linked to two other cool high heels from Christian Louboutin’s Spring 2013 collection below.

Christian Louboutin slingbackThe pink “Flo” slingback in shiny patent leather is the “sexy sister” of Louboutin’s “Very Prive.” It has a thinner stiletto heel which is said to create “a classic shape with a vixen edge.” Flo incorporates the label’s signature red sole (of course) creating a color-blocked effect with the pink body and orange toe-pieces. Flo is available from Christian Louboutin for $845 (where the heel height is listed as 5 inches) or Bergdorf Goodman (where it’s listed as 4.5 inches with a 0.5 inch platform).

Christian LouboutinAlso in the fun slingback line are these “Coup de Bleu” sandals. This heel incorporates the PVC trend and has a 4 inch heel. It’s available from Christian Louboutin for $895.

High heel paintings by Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz high heeled artShoe designer and artist Mark Schwartz has been producing unique and vibrant paintings of high heels for over 30 years. Mentored by stiletto designer Roger Vivier and artist Andy Warhol, Mark has created his own niche by using his trained eye and paintbrush to capture the stunning essence of  some very sexy shoes. We sat down for a moment with the man who turns his fascination with high heeled shoes into quality, contemporaneous artwork year after year.

HHD: One thing we find, working just within the confines of the topic of high heels, is that the smaller the niche, the more there is to say. The more we write about high heels, the more there is to write. After over 30 years painting and drawing, it seems you don’t have any difficulty finding inspiration and fresh perspectives on high heeled shoes?

MS: I am always amazed at the way I can find different ways to approach my work. Shoes have a personality all of their own and I vision them in so many different ways. As long as the high heel continues to be worn I will find ways to present it!

shoes as art by Mark Schwartz

HHD: The right pair of high heels can light up a room. They can be a focal point for men and women alike, and make the wearer feel like a princess. Can you explain the allure of high heels?

MS: The allure of a high heel has two parts: one, the actual shoe itself – the look, the cut, the heel and the color – and two, the actual woman wearing them – her walk, body language and stance.

high heel art

HHD: What are your future plans?

MS: My future plans include limited edition prints which are now available on my site and to keep on finding new ways to present the shoe as art. I am very fortunate to have both private and corporate collectors of my work around the world. It is amazing how the shoe presents itself as art in a home setting, quite a focal point!

Our thanks to Mark Schwartz for his time and images. You can purchase original Mark Schwatz high heeled artworks on Mark’s website.

High heel paintings inspired by cocktails

The Usual Suspects is a series of paintings of decadent high heels inspired by cocktails. The series includes such delights as Day Dream (above), with the heel of the shoe giving the allure of a champagne flute. Day Dream is inspired by ingredients of champagne, curaçao, gin, vermouth, white grape juice.

Furthermore, who could resist a margarita – inspired by ingredients of Tequila, triple sec and lime juice?

The artist of the Usual Suspects is Corsica-born Estelle Rocca-Serra, a self-taught painter. Estelle worked in genetic research while she was living in Paris before moving to London in 2000 to pursue a career in art and design, and has since devoted herself full time to art. She lives and works in London.

Estelle’s technique is partly inspired by the neo-impressionists, focusing on the visual interactions of pigments, creating a distinct luminous effect through colour juxtaposition.

Estelle says her work is composed of collections of cheerful, bright, stylized oil paintings, using pure colours and elegant lines and that through witty narrative and a celebration of life’s little frivolities, she depicts female sensuality and attitudes.

Estelle’s paintings are held in private collections including Los Angeles, Monaco, Milan, Paris, London and Sao Paulo, and are part of the permanent art collection of St Georges Hospital in London.

A selection of other paintings in the Usual Suspects series is available on Estelle’s website.

High heel art: Shoe Fleur

Shoe Fleur, by renowned photographer Michel Tcherevkoff, is a remarkable collection of high heel art. In a style the photographer calls “reality with a twist,” each item is compiled from one species, with the flower photographed in a number of different ways and then the images are then photoshopped to produce a beautiful piece of high heeled art.

The collection is published in a book, available at

Some more images are reproduced below. For many more, see Shoe Fleur.

Cinderella’s Alibi by Angela Makeever

Model Angela Makeever wrote this poem to address the age-old question “Why Do Women Wear High Heels?” The accompanying image is courtesy of Doina Ciobanu, whose fabulous fashion blog is called The Golden Diamonds.

Cinderella’s Alibi

I like the tick and tock of the walk
Left over right follows the line of chalk.
Hips sway a mother’s lullaby,
Advertising a lover’s potiential sigh.

It’s the power of an elevated view.
At an equal eye level when I shakes hands with you.
Red, yellow, or polka dotted,
Tick-tock, tick-tock I have been spotted.

Stridding long, yet gracefully these shoes demand.
I wear them for me, and whomever is at hand.
Oh shoes, how I have grown to love you.


Contribute your high heel art: if you have created photographs, drawings, poems or other artistic outpourings that feature high heels, we’d love to publish your work: please contact us.

High heel art: Rene Ackermann

A long overdue addition to our high heel art section tops today’s news, complete with our model interview of Rene Ackermann! Welcome and thanks for sharing your photograph. Do you mind telling us a little about who you are and what you do?

Rene: I am South African and I live in sunny Norway. I spend my time traveling around Europe interviewing heavy metal bands at festivals for my website and working as a self employed dancer. What can  you tell us about this photo?

Rene: The photo was shot by Willy Hutch. It was taken in a sexy Bentley, in London. It was the first time we were working together and we just went with the flow and saw what we could achieve. And the shoes?

Rene: The shoes are actually the photographer’s (Willy Hutch). He has a whole collection of them specially for photo shoots. I think they look great with this outfit and they felt great to wear. I am more of a fetish heel and big boots kinda girl though 😉 Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Please remind us of your website!

Rene: My pleasure. Here’s a link to my site:




Artists and models welcome: If you’d like to feature in our high heeled art section or you know someone who would, please drop us a line.