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Killer 5 inch heel on new Giuseppe Zanotti booties

Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boot

There are times when I see a pair of new designer high heels and I think instantly that they’re going to shortly be seen on plenty of celebrities. This is one of those times.

The sculpted top of this impeccably crafted bootie makes it instantly recognisable as the work of Giuseppe Zanotti. And the 5 inch self-covered heel on these babies cries out to be photographed at the latest launches, parties and events. It’s not an everyday boot by any means, but what better way to keep your feet warm occasionally than in a pair of these very hot boots?

As you’d expect Zanotti’s leather ankle boots have a leather upper, lining and sole and are made in Italy. They’re available for pre-order from Saks Fifth Avenue for $795 unless you’re lucky enough to wear a size 7, in which case they’re available for purchase now.


Giuseppe Zanotti’s gold mirror pumps

Zanotti gold pumpsIf there’s one thing I’ve learnt about high heel designers over the years it is that website design is way down the priority list compared to designing beautiful shoes. Sometimes, the better the shoe designer, the more useless or frustrating the website. I’d be surprised if, putting shoes aside, some of them could even design a way of falling out of bed.

Christian Louboutin’s website is a good example of what not to do. It has recently been redesigned with fewer birdcages, but still manages to be annoying. I am surprised that the gimmicks don’t extend to animated gifs. And do you remember horizontal scrollbars? They were huge back in the mid 1990s before people realised they were crap. Louboutin has nonetheless brought them back. I hope this is one retro trend that doesn’t catch on.

Then there’s Gianmarco Lorenzi. What incredible shoes this designer can produce! Rather a pity then that his website is “under construction” and “cooming [sic] soon.” Wow, I haven’t seen an “under construction” website for years. It’s quite an achievement, in a not-great sort of way.

This brings me to Giuseppe Zanotti. God only knows how I found these gold mirror pumps from the Fall / Winter 2013 collection on the (otherwise neat) Zanotti website. It certainly involved a lot of clicking which could have been avoided if they’d just turned up under Pumps for that season first time up.

Zanotti gold high heels

However, like Lorenzi and Louboutin, I’m figuring that Zanotti puts all his creative and designer genius into his shoes. And when you’re that talented, why not? These pumps are simply incredible and literally took my breath away. All is forgiven Giuseppe, you are a master craftsman where it really matters.

To save my dear readers the trouble of finding the damn things via the website, here’s the direct link to the Zanotti gold mirror patent shoe with cone heel and pointed toe. The laminated effect pump retails from Giuseppe Zanotti for $650. I’m in a critical mood today, but I have to concede that this high heel is worth every cent.

Green platform high heels from $40 to $1,000

Giuseppe Zanotti high heels

We’re featuring both ends of the price spectrum on today. The subject is green high heels, and the expensive pair is above.

These metallic leather green peeptoe stilettos are from high-end designer Giuseppe Zanotti and they cost a stonkering $995 from Zappos. But they’re worth it. The hot shoes have a 5.5 inch heels which is accented with Swarovski crystals. The front platform height is 1.75 inches and they’re made in Italy (of course).

Fashion Union shoesIf you love a green platform pump but can’t afford the Zanottis, then we have an option down the other end of the price spectrum. It’s these green neon platform pumps from Fashion Union. They’re pretty hard to beat for a spend of just £24 (that’s about $37). You should catch a lot of eye for very little expenditure with these shoes.


Our rap on Kanye West’s Cruel Summer “sculpture” shoes

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep Kanye West out of what passes for news these days. The latest rumour doing the rounds is that he’s been pestering Anna Wintour to put his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. That may prove difficult as the rumour mill also tells us that Anna doesn’t like Kim at all. The word “hate” has even been mentioned. Shock, horror, headlines etc.

Anyhow, back to Kanye. The musician / designer has collaborated again with Giuseppe Zanotti to produce a pair of heels (the last time produced a somewhat mixed, and very expensive result). This time around, the white leather sandals West and Zanotti have designed feature sculpted ceramic flame panels on their front, which we’ve also seen described as ceramic “leaf detailing.” Either way, the heels are intended to echo the graphics that appear on the cover of West’s “Cruel Summer” album (available from Amazon, $11.99).

Cruel Summer album

Which, it’s fair to say, they probably do. These shoes have a 13.5cm (5.3 inch) leather covered, inwardly curved stiletto heel with a small 1cm (0.4 inch) platform. Designed towards the end of last year, they are made of 100% calfskin leather and currently available in limited sizes to be Farfetched from Paris for US$1,364.

flame high heels


The Giuseppe Zanotti high heels that made Heidi Klum swoon

Heidi Klum kisses her Giuseppe Zanottis

Even if you’re a supermodel who has worn exquisite designer shoes for years, it seems it is still difficult not to fall in love when presented with a very pretty pair. Today the adorable Heidi Klum showed just that by tweeting about how much she loves her new Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos.

In case you weren’t convinced, the supermodel turned businesswoman and television star has also posted a picture of herself giving the shoes in question a little peck on their gold-plated heels!

Giuseppe Zanotti Heidi Klum

There is certainly nothing wrong with Heidi’s shoe-love radar because the stilettos she’s pictured kissing are indeed gorgeous. The high heeled sandals are from Zanotti’s spring / summer 2013 collection and their color scheme is meant to embrace the colors of the Savanna. The leopard-print straps are made of pony skin and the buckling ankle straps of gloss red suede. They have a heel height of 16cm (about 6.3 inches) but with a platform of 4.5cm (around 1.8 inches).

The shoes that made Heidi Klum swoon are available now from Giuseppe Zanotti’s website  for $895.

Meanwhile, just to prove she’s not all princess, Heidi’s third collection of activewear in collaboration with New Balance has just launched. When introducing the collection Heidi said she had “created pieces in my collection that are functional and flattering with a fashionable twist.” The range of high performance workout wear includes tees, skinny tights and capri pants, as well as a racer back tank, shorts and hoody.

Heidi Klum’s third collection for New Balance is the first that will be sold in bricks and mortar stores. It’s will be available in select Lady Foot Locker stores throughout the United States.

Spectacular cut-out peep toe booties from Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti bootie

Just when we thought we were tired of the peep-toe bootie trend, the masterful Giuseppe Zanotti has come up with something completely new and fresh that causes us to just pause and admire. Because it is very difficult not to love these sky-high white calfskin high heels, which are new arrivals at Zanotti.

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe bootie

Technically these booties are described as a slingback heel, but the way the heel has been designed means they also give a knowing nod and a wink to the cut-out shoe and bootie trend of recent years.

The buckle feature is another trend that it is difficult to miss being featured on these fabulous booties. Here is it enormous in height but not too thick or overpowering for the delicate white of the shoe.

This high heel has an inner zip closure and leather sole, and is available now from Giuseppe Zanotti for $1,250. Wer’re also tipping that you can expect it to come to a celebrity near you very soon!


What is the sexiest designer shoe of 2012? Make your vote count!

With so many sexy designer high heel shoes on the market right now, the question of which is the most sexy must come down a little to personal taste. However, some features are not all that negotiable. First of all, a truly sexy shoe should have an elegant, well-balanced stiletto heel. Wedges and chunky heels are really fun but not as sexy as a classical spike heel.

Secondly,  it probably pays to not get too close to the stripper shoe look: a hint of the bordello is fine, but 6 inch mules and clear heels are probably best left to do their sexy work in the privacy of the bedroom. Designer shoes are made to be worn for a much wider audience. In the same way, a little platform can be sexy on a designer shoe but if the platform is so big it looks like you are balancing on a couple of telephone books then those shoes are probably best left for dancers who have poles to cling on to.

Nicholas Kirkwood bootieFinally, a truly sexy high heel should ooze style: it should be contemporary, imaginative and well cut so that onloookers applaud and the lucky lady wearing a pair feels like a celebrity whenever she steps into them.

That’s what we think, but what do you think are the sexiest shoes of 2012? Retailer Saks Fifth Avenue and Footwear News have teamed up to run an awesome competition in which you can vote for the pair of heels you think are the sexiest going around this year. The 25 pairs of heels in the competition include those illustrating this article and more. All are available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Best of all, voters enter to win a $10,000 Saks Fifth Avenue shopping spree.

Sexy Giuseppe ZanottiAnd our tip to win? It’s the art-deco inspired Tempest metallic sandals pictured at the top of this article. Available from Saks Fifth Avenue, they’re by Jimmy Choo.

Also pictured:

Are cutout shoes still on trend in 2012?

The cutout shoe trend has been around for over three years now, and for a while it seemed like it would never be going away. Every second pair of high heels I saw online was being described as “cutout,” even if they were just regular high heel sandals or peep toe shoes. Nowadays though there seems to be a little less cutout shoe hysteria, so I got to wondering whether the cutout shoe trend would survive 2012 and beyond.

If social media is any guide, then the answer is that cutout shoes are here to stay for a while yet. Facebook fans went mad for these Mokada cutout platform pumps by B Brian Atwood when the designer posted them earlier this month. And unlike some cutout shoes of earlier times, the Mokada employs the cutout detail in a subtle and understated way: the edgy, pointed toe, futuristic design and ankle strap all mean the cutout detail is a highlight rather than the main feature of this shoe. Mokada is from the B Brian Atwood collection and is available from Brian Atwood for $465.

Subtlety is also the name of the game with this tidal wave-inspired Giuseppe Zanotti bootie. Here the designer has used the cutout effect to help the wave pattern to stick out rather than being the feature themselves of the shoe. This 6 inch high heel has a hidden platform that peeks through the cutouts and is available from Neiman Marcus for $1,150.

So that’s my take on the fate of the cutout shoe this year – it’s not so much disappearing in 2012 as evolving and improving.

Giuseppe Zanotti recreates iconic Summertime mules worn by Katharine Hepburn

The iconic high heel mules worn by actress Katharine Hepburn in the film, Summertime, have been refined and recreated as ankle-strap sandals by celebrated designer Giuseppe Zanotti. In the 1955 film, Hepburn plays Jane Hudson, a somewhat ordinary middle-aged secretary from Ohio who travels to Venice on her lifelong dream vacation. The character falls in love with the Italian owner of an antiques store and the film shows her taking herself on a shopping expedition and for salon treatments (including a pedicure!) before their date one evening.

While out shopping, Jane spies a pair of red mules in the window of a shop. Shortly afterwards the character is seen wearing the mules on her date with the Italian man and later, when the two consumate their relationship, one of the mules is shown outside the bedroom door – leaving the details of what is happening inside up to the imagination of viewers!

Giuseppe Zanotti mules

As well as creating a modernised version of the classic mule, Zanotti has also reproduced an exact replica for the shoe for the exhibition, Trame di Moda – women and style at the Venice Film Festival. The exhibition is now open at the Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice. The designer recently explained the reproduction process in an interview with

I reproduced the shoes exactly as they were in the film and I captured the emotion of the actress when she sees them in the store window. The protagonist is an actress but she’s also a woman and women love shoes. It was easy to see that she loved them.

shoe sketch

As for the process of turning the mule into an ankle-strap stiletto for the modern woman, Zanotti said:

I also created a replica for the modern day woman who loves a higher heel. I added rhinestones, putting more emphasis on the product. I made the heel higher and added an ankle strap.

Giuseppe Zanotti shoe sketch

These new, special edition sandals are available for pre-order now at the monolabel boutique in Venice. From October 2012 they will also be available for purchase online at and at

Are these the most expensive shoes in the world?

Kanye West Giuseppe ZanottiIt’s not easy to work out what the most expensive pair of high heels in the world is. For one thing, there are new shoes being designed every second and high heels seem to be getting more and more expensive.

Earlier this year, Women’s Wear Daily launched an investigation into the seemingly skyrocketing prices of designer shoes, speaking to representatives of designers and retailers. Daniella Vitale, Barneys’ chief merchant and EVP confirmed that in recent times “the prices have shot up dramatically.”

Meanwhile Alexis Mourot, CEO at Christian Louboutin, told WWD that the price of designers shoes was “a very sensitive issue, and we’re taking it very seriously…” However he then went on to blame currency differences  for the large price tags: “When you price 500 euros in dollars, it’s $750 to $780, you say ‘Oh my God! $780 looks pretty high, but 500 euros isn’t that crazy.”

Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus said that his theory was that “when [designer-branded] ready-to-wear priced itself out of the realm of most consumers, shoes and bags were still affordable. Now, what’s happened is the shoe people and the bag people sort of lost control of that, and they are scaring off a certain consumer.”

Kanye West Giuseppe ZanottiSo what are the most expensive shoes in the world right now? In answering that question we’ve stuck to designer high heels that are available for purchase online. That means we’ve ruled out one-off or very rare pieces such as Stuart Weitzman’s million dollar shoes or the  Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto (priced from US$155,000 a pair).

Our answer is that the most expensive high heels currently available are these special edition Kanye West by Giuseppe Zanotti beaded sandals. The heels were designed by West in conjunction with Zanotti and debuted at Paris Fashion Week last year. The price tag? A mere US$5,810 from