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Kardashian Kollection Shoes closes in Australia

Kardashian Kollection shoes 41Kardashian Kollection Shoes has quietly closed down just two years after starting up.

The shoe line was launched in Australia in November 2013 as the inaugural shoe collection of Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian.  At the time it was said to encompass “dramatic, sexy heels, show-stopping wedges, stunning flats and chic boots.”

While it lasted, Kardashian Shoes sold product not only through its own website but also through Australian fashion website such as The Iconic and Style Tread.  The Kardashian Shoes were even available via Australian retail giant David Jones.

Yet in early in 2016 the label quietly closed down. The website directed viewers to the site of another Australian shoe label RMK, which says it was responsible for bringing the Kardashian shoe collection to Australia. No shoes from the collection are available on the RMK website.

Kardashian Kollection shoes is closed

Kardashian Shoes is not the only Kardashian fashion project to take a hit recently. In 2015, retailer Sears stopped offering items in the Kardashian Kollection in its stores. The mutual decision ended an exclusive department store collaboration that had begun in 2011.

A Kim Kardashian solo project has also had difficulties. In 2009, founders Robert Shapiro and Brian Lee partnered with Kim on the launch of, an e-commerce network offering a monthly membership for $39 shoes chosen by a stylist.

After the label encountered numerous challenges, Rachael Zoe took over from Kim as “Chief Stylist” at ShoeDazzle in January 2013. ShoeDazzle ultimately merged with one of its biggest competitors JustFab in August 2013, following months of negotiations.

Following these, the closure of Kardashian Kollection Shoes in Australia is perhaps not entirely surprising. The site last posted on its Instagram account well over a year before it closed, and it made only 42 posts in total. No other social media channels were dedicated to the shoe label.

In January this year Kardashian Kollection Shoes was advertising 40% off everything. Now only a handful of the shoes are available online for purchase through third party retailers. It seems the writing was on the wall.

ShoeDazzle high heels

So why has the attempts to bring the Kardashian fashion empire to the masses? The trouble is that it is hard to do designer fashion at bargain basement prices.

When the shoe collection launched, publicity lauded the Kardashian sisters as “revered worldwide as trendsetters and fashion leaders, their striking and unique style making them the most searched sisters on the internet.” But they didn’t get that reputation by wearing cheap clothes.

The Kardashian shoe line, for all its celebrity endorsement power, was just a collection of cheap-looking high heels which were not particularly cheap to buy. The shoes were not made of leather – they had manmade uppers – and cost between $99 and $139 per pair.

In the highly competitive field of women’s footwear, it was not difficult to see that better value and style could be found elsewhere. It now seems that shoppers have voted with their feet.

Crocheted high heels from ShoeDazzle are popular and cheap

Shoe Dazzle crotcheted heels

Popular, cheap and unique – now there’s a combination you won’t hear used often when referring to mass-market high heels. Yet these crocheted shoes from ShoeDazzle can just about claim the unique badge for themselves as there are very few crocheted shoes out there on the market, and the ones that are out there are not usually high heels.

This is Lottie by SCENE from ShoeDazzle, one of the brands most popular shoes right now. The crocheted outer inherits some attitude from spike embellishments, and the shoe is available in both black and white. It costs just $46.95 from ShoeDazzle and less for members / VIPs.

Shoe Dazzle

crochet shoes



Are things finally looking up for Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle?


ShoeDazzle has been doing it a little tough recently. A little like its  Chief Fashion Stylist, Kim Kardashian, the brand has had to weather some adverse publicity, some perhaps due to problems of its own making.

In September 2011, the company got itself a new CEO in Bill Strauss who joined ShoeDazzle after 13 years at online florist ProFlowers. But the path for Strauss over the next year was anything but covered in flowers.

In January 2012 ShoeDazzle shut down its UK side of the business, which was not performing strongly. ShoeDazzle UK had only been in operation for 4 months – the same amount of time that Strauss had been CEO.

Then, back in March 2012, the brand dropped its ill-considered subscription model, which required users to pay a monthly fee to access the ShoeDazzle collection. The model was never going to be attractive to customers in such a crowded market place, with a low-budget range. It is true that subscribers who paid their $39.95 per month did get a pair of shoes for that, but very few women want to buy 12 pairs a year from one brand — even at that low price!

Fans also expressed some skepticism about the commitment of ShoeDazzle’s celebrity endorser, co-founder and spokeswoman Kim Kardashian to the brand, with subscribers taking to Google with queries such as “does Kim Kardashian wear ShoeDazzle?” The answer, however, is that she does – at least sometimes.

Finally, last month Strauss left ShoeDazzle and has been replaced as CEO by founder Brian Lee. Lee has stated in an interview that Strauss “voluntarily resigned” and no further details are possible.

bootiesHowever, there is some good news. The first is that ShoeDazzle is still making some sexy high heels at even sexier prices. These new low-cut booties have a 4.25 inch metallic stiletto heel with a 1.25 inch platform. Called Macyn, they’re faux-suede with faux-patent leather accents and a side zipper. Macyn is new to ShoeDazzle for $44.95.

The second bit of good news is that the company has raised a further $6 million in funding, according to a filing it has lodged with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has now raised over $60 million dollars since it was founded, so let’s hope it can continue to provide dazzling shoes to its 13 million members.

Kim Kardashian's ShoeDazzle