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It’s official: Kate Moss wore Manolo Blahniks as her wedding shoes (not Christian Louboutin)

Godichefac sandals by Manolo Blahnik

There’s nothing like a celebrity shoe controversy to excite fashionistas. And one long-standing celeb footwear controversy that refuses to die is this: who made Kate Moss’s wedding shoes? Was it Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin?

It is easy to see how confusion could have happened as Kate Moss’s 1 July 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince, the guitarist from indie rock duo The Kills, was quite the fashion event.

On the big day itself, Kate wore four different outfits and Jamie wore two. But the real question is what shoes was Kate wearing during her actual wedding ceremony in St Peter’s Church, Southrop in Gloucestershire England?

Kate MossImage: Walterlan Papetti [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The answer is that Manolo Blahnik made the shoes that Kate Moss wore to her wedding ceremony.

Kate Moss’s official bridal heels were a bespoke pair of Manolo Blahnik’s strappy Godichefac sandals in white leather, which had been customised with crystals and blue insoles for Kate to wear on her big day.

The shoes were available at Barneys New York, but are no longer for sale anywhere. For the record, they had an open toe with an intricate swirl design and a 3.5 inch covered heel as shown below.

Godichefac sandals by Manolo Blahnik

The shoes were made in Milan, Italy but there was a problem: they didn’t work with the long train on Kate’s John Galliano-designed wedding dress. Too many jewels had been added the heels and they kept catching in the dress as the bride tried to walk.

The shoes arrived only the day before the wedding and they had to be sent back to the factory in Milan urgently for the problem to be corrected.

Manolo Blahnik
Image: Jindřich Nosek (NoJin) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“We did them five times to get them the way she wanted,” revealed Manolo Blahnik to Women’s Wear Daily at the time. “My workers are the best people. I wouldn’t be here without them… we had women working up until midnight to change it.”

Not that he minded. In 2015, Manolo told the Wall Street Journal that:

“The thing I relish in fashion is: drama. Take the shoes I made for Kate Moss when she got married. What a bloody nightmare! We gave her the shoes, but then she said, ‘Oh, we need them without the jewels because they catch in the Galliano dress.’ So they went back to Milan, and the factory stayed open until midnight. I love things like that, the madness of it.”

So why could there have been such confusion about what brand of shoes Kate Moss was wearing when she got hitched? There are a few reasons.

First, Elle Magazine published an article on the day of the wedding quoting a supposedly “reliable source” as saying that Kate would be wearing red-soled Louboutins at her wedding. The source stated that the shoes would have a baby blue color in the interior.

Hours after the wedding, Elle issued a *red face* retraction of the story but the damage was already done.

So Kate by Christian Louboutin

Secondly, Christian Louboutin and Kate Moss did indeed collaborate for the supermodel’s wedding. However the shoes they were working on were not used for the ceremony itself. They were likely worn in the celebrations that followed.

In fact, Christian Louboutin’s So Kate heels were actually inspired by the designer’s time spent with Kate Moss fitting her for her shoes for her wedding celebrations –  a fact which both of them have confirmed. And they’re still Kate’s favorite heels of all time.

You can read more about the creation and rise of the Kate Moss-inspired So Kate pumps here.

After her wedding ceremony, Kate wore  three different Stella McCartney looks: an oyster silk chiffon dress for the first dance; a  mini, body-con, beaded dress after that and then a three-piece wool suit for her departure. While no pictures exist, we bet that she wore the Louboutins with the beaded dress.

So Kate heels by Christian Louboutin

Unlike Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik actually attended Kate Moss’s wedding. He told the Telegraph’s old fashion website : “I’ve known Kate since she was a little girl. The wedding was divine. Kate has such a presence. You just have to feel it.”

Kate’s father Peter even thanked Manolo for making the bride look beautiful.

Unfortunately, a little like the Godichefac bridal shoes, the marriage didn’t pass the test of time. Kate Moss and Jamie Hince sadly separated in 2015 and divorced the following year.

Louboutin’s So Kate’s, meanwhile, have gone from strength to strength.

Could Blake Lively really be Cinderella?

Blake Lively CinderellaPictured recently on Instagram with her size 9 feet surrounded by footwear, Blake Lively could be mistaken for Cinderella. It’s not that far-fetched: after all, the actress was only 23 when Christian Louboutin named a high heel shoe after her.

Blake has previously compared the feeling she gets from her “magical” Louboutins with the emotions she experienced first watching Walt Disney’s Cinderella (the 1950s animated film, not the live-action version which didn’t come about until 2015).

That happened when Blake attended the 24th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards at MOMA on November 30, 2010 in New York City clad in a pair of Louboutins.

sexy sandals

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The relationship between the shoes and Cinderella was all that the actress could be drawn into speaking about. “They’re magical,” Blake told the assembled press, saying:

It’s the same feeling you got when you watched Cinderella.You know the feeling you got when you watched Cinderella?

Every time you slip into a pair of his shoes, they make you feel empowered, they make you feel beautiful, they make you feel magical. You can be anybody you want to be.

Christian Louboutin book

Christian Louboutin returned the favor less than a year later, at his book launch in November 2011. Gushing about Blake as his muse, he said:

She has proved that she is really intelligent, and she also has this natural beauty and this natural way of moving, which makes her absolutely a great image.

I hate this part of my job.

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

Back in those days, the mutual admiration was understandable: Blake admitted to having an “absurd amount” of Louboutin’s shoes in her closet.

In more recent times Blake has been seen sporting Stuart Weitzman heels, even leading to claims that she was “cheating” on Louboutin!

Not to worry though; Stuart Weitzman understands the Cinderella connection too.

“Why do women love shoes? It starts with Cinderella,” he says. “Then The Wizard of Oz and those ruby red slippers, then ballet shoes . . . the first hero of your life is a shoe.”

Kylie Minogue: my adult life as a high-heeled stunt woman!

It is amazing to believe that its been nearly 29 years since Kylie Minogue’s debut single The Locomotion was released in July 1987. Perhaps equally hard to believe, the music video for the track did not feature Kylie dancing around in her trade mark high heels.

Although many of Kylie’s fans were not even born when Kylie first cracked the big time, if they had been alive the music video (which you can see below) might have surprised them. They would have seen a 19 year old Kylie doing the Locomotion with a giant blonde perm and wearing cute red flats!

These girls have been working hard!

A photo posted by Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) on

In the nearly 30 years that’s passed since, Kylie has definitely graduated from the flats towards high heels. In fact she loves posting pictures of her shoes to her Instagram account – like these hard-working Dolce & Gabbanna gold stiletto sandals posted in August 2015.

Kylie has confirmed that flats are now well and truly out when she is on stage performing: “I wear flats sometimes but not when I’m working – you’d never see me,” the singer told the April 2012 edition of Marie Claire magazine.

In the same interview, Kylie also confirmed that her shoe choices these days were either dead flat or sky-high: “I used to wear medium heels but now it seems to be either really high or flat.”

The high heels have paid some dividends: last year, Kylie claimed that she thought of her famous butt as an entity in its own right – and attributed the success of it to her love of heels. In an interview with the Daily Mail Kylie referred to her award-winning bottom and explained:

“I think of it as something entirely separate to me. Probably the reason for it is the fact I’ve spent most of my adult life dancing around in very high heels.

“If I’m ever honestly asked to explain my job I’d say I was a high-heel stunt woman.”

Kylie confessed to the Mail that there was a downside to her heels though: “High heels are very bad for the back but they are great for the thighs and the butt. And then the other secret is great lighting.”

Check out Kylie Minogue’s original 1987 Locomotion music video below. This retro gem was filmed in Melbourne Australia at Essendon Airport and at the ABC’s television studios.


Platforms – the shoe trend that Paris Hilton loves and Manolo Blahnik hates!

platform high heels
If you want to get *really* high on heels then there’s a simple answer: platforms! Combined with a high heel, a platform can add many inches of height but without the pain from a really high spike stiletto.

The key to these awesome leather ankle-strap stilettos is indeed in the platform. While the heel is 7.9 inches high, a 2.4 inch platform makes a net rise of a manageable 5.5 inches.

The platforms featured here are available right now at Milanoo via this link.

Platforms are just fine with celebrity socialite Paris Hilton who is a devotee of the stepped-up look, and the comfort that platforms bring. Paris has confessed her love for platforms on her official website, saying:

I love front platforms. The trend is amazing because it makes shoes more comfortable while keeping the height to make your legs look longer and leaner.

But not everyone is a fan of platforms. Those who are against the trend even include legendary high heels designer Manolo Blahnik. Manolo once confessed that he “can’t stand platforms.”

Judging by the number of platforms on the market though, Manolo might be alone in thinking that.

platform heels

Cute strappy sandals from SJP

high heel sandals from Sarah Jessica Parker

We were a bit meh about the slow tease reveal when SJP first launched her own shoe label: long climb, short ride etc. But the collection seems here for the long haul and it really does have some beautiful pieces.


Thursday night “Fever” in Las Vegas. #SJPontheStrip

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

The SJP Collection’s Instagram account (run by Sarah Jessica Parker herself) snapped the playful 4 inch Fever sandal on the Las Vegas strip a couple of weeks back. And it’s hot!

In fuchsia satin with a playful bow highlight, Fever is available from Zappos in limited sizes for $385. Shipping is free.

Dawn Richard launches capsule shoe collection with Lust for Life

Dawn Richard high heels

Dawn Richard has launched a three-piece capsule high heel collection with the Lust for Life label, but if you want a pair you’ll need to get in fast.

Richard says her favourite piece of the three is the thigh high leather boot, which has a unique gold panel trim and 5 inch heel (pictured).

**UPDATE December 2017: the Collection is no longer available. If this changes, the links will be reactivated. This boot was previous available from Heels for $269.99 way back in December 2014.**

In a video interview that you can view in full below, the singer / songwriter explained:

I think the thigh high is my favourite… It’s really really sexy and for me – I’m short – and so everything aligns and everything is long in length for me on stage and I love thigh highs they create a reality of me being longer than what I really am.

Thigh highs are my girls…I bake with them, I cook with them, I go to Walmart in them.

The Dawn Richard Lust for Life collaboration not only are designed for clubbing and looking fabulous, but they are also “performance ready” shoes. About this aspect, Richard said:

I wanted to make shoes that were comfortable enough not only to walk down the street with but also to perform in for two hours on stage.

Because for me heels are everything and on stage they pretty much amplify what my performance incorporates and what it actually is.


Dawn Richard sneaker heel

The capsule collection also included a sneaker heel pictured above (previously available for $279.99) and the 5 inch thin stiletto pump shown below (previously available for $169.99). Both sold out very fast.

Dawn Richard shoes

The colours of the inaugural Dawn Richard Lust for Life collection are black and gold. Richard explained that her first two solo albums were called GoldenHeart and BlackHeart: “so what I’ve done is associate the colours and the brand with the colours for the shoes.”

There’s also another reason. Richard was born in New Orleans, where the local football team plays in black and gold. “I bleed black and gold,” she laughed, “…so it was only right to do that as the starting point because I wanted to stay close to my roots.”

As for Lust for Life, Richard says it is a brand she says she has “been stalking… for a very long time now… I am really excited to finally have a shoe line with them.”

Kylie Minogue makes ankle strap high heeled sandals sexy… without even standing up!

Midget megastar Kylie Minogue loves posting pictures of her high heels to her Instagram, and her fans and followers love to love them. In two recent posts, Kylie has even managed to create a very sexy look with her stiletto sandals without even standing up in them!

How is it possible that girls can’t find the ONE thing they are looking for in the abyss, I mean, in the handbag!

A photo posted by Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) on

In the first Instagram picture Kylie sprawls seemingly innocently on a rug while looking in her handbag. Her shiny patent leather peep toe heels have prime position in front of the camera shot as Kylie fishes about shyly in what she calls the “abyss.”

Here we go….tour prep…#kissmeoncetour

A photo posted by Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) on

In the second picture, Kylie props her sky high heels up on a car seat in a close-up crossed ankle pose. The sun glinting off the razor thin heels highlights them against the silhouette of the upper of the shoe. Between them, Kylie‘s two images have racked up an impressive amount of “loves” on Instagram – nearly 38,000 hearts to date!

While the second picture of Kylie in heels might be a candid selfie, the first looks a lot more carefully staged. Celebrity endorsements can make big difference to shoe sales, which is why designers are desperate to get their heels on famous feet. Back in 2012 we saw Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of Casadei’s blade heel on social media help catapult the shoe to mega popularity. Earlier this year we named the previously unknown shoe as one of our top 5 modern classic designer high heels.

Of course, that is not to say that Kylie is using social media to do anything other than show off her awesome heels which are right in line with the ankle-strap stiletto that is so on trend right now. Heck, she doesn’t even say on her posts who the designer is (which is a shame for anyone wanting to copy the trend!).

You can see more of Kylie Minogue’s smashing high heels in an article we wrote earlier this year.

Keyshia Cole by Steve Madden heels on sale now at Shiekh

Steve Madden pumps

Here’s a deal that’s so damn good I just had to share it: Keyshia Cole by Steve Madden heels on sale at Shiekh Shoes for only $119.99. That’s a saving of $20.01 (14%), and the shoes come with free shipping (all purchases over $75 qualifies for free shipping at Shiek, subject to some fine print).

This 5.5 inch stiletto is called Damas and it comes from the Keyshia Cole by Steve Madden collection which we’ve reviewed recently. The Damas features a pointed toe front with multi ankle strap features (a back calf zipper offers a secure fit and means you won’t be spending all night buckling up the straps).

This sexy shoe is available in pewter (pictured here) and black at the sale price of $119.99.

steve madden high heels

JK Rowling confesses: “I’m not a sensible flats girl… I love a heel”

JK RowlingJK Rowling, the United Kingdom’s best-selling author since records began, has announced her love of high heels on the state broadcaster the BBC. “I love a heel,” JK told presenter Jane Garvey when she appeared as a guest editor on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour last month.

JKR used her time on the show to speak about matters close to her heart, including high heels. “There definitely are more important things in life than shoes,” she said. “Having said that…. I like shoes.”

JK has been spotted over the years wearing towering stilettos from designers such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Charlotte Olympia and Giuseppe Zanotti, and she devoted some of her time on Woman’s Hour to her views on the power and myth of heels. The topics the author covered included how much women love high heels and her thoughts on men with shoe fetishes! JKR also disclosed that she’s only 5 foot 4.5 inches tall in her stockinged feet, and that she does wear flats at least occasionally. We’ve extracted some of JK Rowling’s quotes about these topics below.

JK’s time on air had a serious side to it as well. The noted philanthropist spoke about multiple sclerosis, an illness which killed her mother who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease when just 35 years old. In 2010, JK donated £10M to the University of Edinburgh to found a clinic in her mother’s name, the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.  

JKR also also used the Woman’s Hour show to discuss the issue of de-institutionalising children, which she described as the issue closest to her heart.  In 2005 the author founded the charity Lumos which works to replace institutions with community-based services.

JK’s stint on the airwaves was the first time in nearly 60 years of broadcasting  that the Woman’s Hour radio show had used a guest editor. Some quotes from the high heel-related part of JK Rowling’s contribution to Woman’s Hour are below.

 JK Rowling on wearing high heels

JKR told listeners that, contrary to what people might think, she was actually quite short. Her height often comes from heels, but fortunately she doesn’t seem to mind this at all:

I love a heel. I’m short, I’m only 5 foot 4 and a half [inches]. People are often surprised at how short I am because I wear heels so often. So people assume I’m a nice willowy 5′ 9″, but that just shows you what high shoes I wear.

JK Rowling on owning flats

Although she loves her heels, JKR does have some flats in her wardrobe for performing practical tasks in:

I’m not a sensible flats girl… [But] I do own some flat boots…. You do need to be able to walk the dog and I do walk the dog, and I don’t do that in stilettos.

JK Rowling on men with shoe fetishes

JKR said she didn’t think that men are nearly as obsessed with shoes as women are. She then digressed to tell a story about a friend of hers who had met a high heel shoe fetishist, although JKR said she’d never had such an experience herself:

I think there is clearly a dodgy subset of men who really do care about women’s shoes. I’ve never met one of those. Although a girlfriend of mine did once – I don’t know whether this is true or not – she swore to me that she’d met a man and all he wanted to do was buy her stilettos. It sounded like a fantasy to me but apparently there are such men out there.

JK Rowling on her appearance

JKR spoke about how she had tidied up her appearance because she found it difficult when she first became well known to read criticism of her appearance. Eventually she decided to “get my act together.” However the time-consuming nature of looking after her appearance sometimes grates:

I do often resent the amount of time that it takes to pull yourself together to go on TV. It must be so nice to be a man and simply just think “which of my three suits should I wear today?”

JK Rowling on women’s obsession with shoes

JKR also turned her attention to the amount which women love shoes, something she has apparently been pondering for a while:

I have often wondered in a vague way why women are so obsessed with this particular item of clothing. And I think it is undeniable that probably shoes do come first in the most mythologised, fetishised item list.

You can hear the uncut BBC Radio 4 interview with JK Rowling talking about high heels here and the Woman’s Hour show  in the form in which it went to air here.

Keyshia Cole launches her second shoe collection with Steve Madden

Keyshia Cole high heels

Multi-platinum recording R & B artist Keyshia Cole has launched her second shoe collection in partnership with Steve Madden. The line features a variety of heeled and platform styles, ranging from pumps to gladiators to ankle booties.

**UPDATE December 2017: the heels featured in this post are no longer available. This post has been amended with the links removed to reflect this. If this situation changes, links will be restored.**

There are a number of exciting new prints and colors in the collection, none more so than the Telme strappy sandal pictured above and below. This 4.5 inch stiletto was available in March 2014 for $129.99 from in the graffiti color shown above. The shoe comes in two other schemes:  a ferocious tiger print fur upper with hot pink piping (see below) and a multi color fur upper with geometric print and leopard look.

Keyshia Cole heels

Keyshia emphasised the balance between practicality and good looks in designing the shoes. “As my second line with Steve Madden gets released, I want young women to feel they are the latest trend setters, feeling sexy and being comfortable at the same time,” she told the press when launching the collection.

Accompanying the launch of the Spring / Summer 2014 Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden collaboration will be a series of personal appearances where fans will be able to meet Keyshia. The first stop will take place on April 5th at Dillard’s Post Oak-Galleria in Houston, TX. The brand promises that all those who make a Keyshia Cole purchase will receive a special gift at participating stores.

keyshia cole steve madden