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Kylie Minogue: my adult life as a high-heeled stunt woman!

It is amazing to believe that its been nearly 29 years since Kylie Minogue’s debut single The Locomotion was released in July 1987. Perhaps equally hard to believe, the music video for the track did not feature Kylie dancing around in her trade mark high heels.

Although many of Kylie’s fans were not even born when Kylie first cracked the big time, if they had been alive the music video (which you can see below) might have surprised them. They would have seen a 19 year old Kylie doing the Locomotion with a giant blonde perm and wearing cute red flats!

These girls have been working hard!

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In the nearly 30 years that’s passed since, Kylie has definitely graduated from the flats towards high heels. In fact she loves posting pictures of her shoes to her Instagram account – like these hard-working Dolce & Gabbanna gold stiletto sandals posted in August 2015.

Kylie has confirmed that flats are now well and truly out when she is on stage performing: “I wear flats sometimes but not when I’m working – you’d never see me,” the singer told the April 2012 edition of Marie Claire magazine.

In the same interview, Kylie also confirmed that her shoe choices these days were either dead flat or sky-high: “I used to wear medium heels but now it seems to be either really high or flat.”

The high heels have paid some dividends: last year, Kylie claimed that she thought of her famous butt as an entity in its own right – and attributed the success of it to her love of heels. In an interview with the Daily Mail Kylie referred to her award-winning bottom and explained:

“I think of it as something entirely separate to me. Probably the reason for it is the fact I’ve spent most of my adult life dancing around in very high heels.

“If I’m ever honestly asked to explain my job I’d say I was a high-heel stunt woman.”

Kylie confessed to the Mail that there was a downside to her heels though: “High heels are very bad for the back but they are great for the thighs and the butt. And then the other secret is great lighting.”

Check out Kylie Minogue’s original 1987 Locomotion music video below. This retro gem was filmed in Melbourne Australia at Essendon Airport and at the ABC’s television studios.


Kylie Minogue makes ankle strap high heeled sandals sexy… without even standing up!

Midget megastar Kylie Minogue loves posting pictures of her high heels to her Instagram, and her fans and followers love to love them. In two recent posts, Kylie has even managed to create a very sexy look with her stiletto sandals without even standing up in them!

How is it possible that girls can’t find the ONE thing they are looking for in the abyss, I mean, in the handbag!

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In the first Instagram picture Kylie sprawls seemingly innocently on a rug while looking in her handbag. Her shiny patent leather peep toe heels have prime position in front of the camera shot as Kylie fishes about shyly in what she calls the “abyss.”

Here we go….tour prep…#kissmeoncetour

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In the second picture, Kylie props her sky high heels up on a car seat in a close-up crossed ankle pose. The sun glinting off the razor thin heels highlights them against the silhouette of the upper of the shoe. Between them, Kylie‘s two images have racked up an impressive amount of “loves” on Instagram – nearly 38,000 hearts to date!

While the second picture of Kylie in heels might be a candid selfie, the first looks a lot more carefully staged. Celebrity endorsements can make big difference to shoe sales, which is why designers are desperate to get their heels on famous feet. Back in 2012 we saw Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of Casadei’s blade heel on social media help catapult the shoe to mega popularity. Earlier this year we named the previously unknown shoe as one of our top 5 modern classic designer high heels.

Of course, that is not to say that Kylie is using social media to do anything other than show off her awesome heels which are right in line with the ankle-strap stiletto that is so on trend right now. Heck, she doesn’t even say on her posts who the designer is (which is a shame for anyone wanting to copy the trend!).

You can see more of Kylie Minogue’s smashing high heels in an article we wrote earlier this year.