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Iconic high heels

Picking just five heels as the greatest high heels in the world was tough business, but we’ve made our list.

They’re all modern classics, all available right now and come from the most famous shoe designers on the planet. And they’re all amazing.

Here’s our list of five designer high heels you must own before you die.

Casadei blade heelsCesare Casadei’s Blade high heel: a magnificent obsession.

A heel so difficult to manufacture that it very nearly didn’t happen.



Christian Louboutin PigalleChristian Louboutin’s Pigalle high heel: “the design that encapsulates my career”

The red-soled Pigalle is Christian Louboutin’s best selling shoe of all time.


 BB pump by Manolo BlahnikBB pump by Manolo Blahnik: “totally timeless and very chic and flattering”

Manolo Blahnik’s classic pump is named after a 1950’s sex symbol, and comes in over 50 colors.



Gianmarco Lorenzi double platformGianmarco Lorenzi’s double platform sandals: creating dreams on women’s feet

The double platform heel may be the standout of Gianmarco Lorenzi’s 30 year shoe designing career.



tribute by Saint LaurentSaint Laurent’s Tribute sandals – and the Tribtoo too

Saint Laurent’s Tribute has been a celebrity favorite for over 10 years, and has spawned the Tribtoo as well.

What is the hardest high heel shoe to make according to leading shoe designers?

high heels dailyHere’s a little something that might well surprise you: according to leading shoemakers, the hardest high heel shoe to make is actually the one that looks the most simple. Believe it or not, those in charge of high heel design at Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have both labelled the classic, high heeled pump as the trickiest shoe to perfect.

This perhaps curious fact was revealed back in 2012 when Christian Louboutin told the UK’s Metro website that “the most difficult style to do is the plain pump because it needs to look good on a variety of feet.” A year later Sanda Choi, the then newly-annointed head designer at Jimmy Choo, agreed. ” One of the hardest things to do is a plain pump, but just adding a millimeter here and there makes a difference,” she confessed to New York Magazine.

Louboutin stressed that window dressing could not save a poorly designed pump, and compared it to having a good bone structure. “Make-up will make you look good but it helps if you have a good skeleton to begin with,” he said. “You can add flowers and diamonds to a pump but, at the end of the day, the structure needs to be good.”

sexy sandals

Top sexy high heels

These items of fantasy footwear may never leave the house, but they're guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom ...
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While producing the perfect pump might not be easy, Louboutin and Choo have come as close as anyone to achieving it. In each case, their plain black leather pump is the top-selling shoe in their range, and retails for around $600. The shoes are called the Pigalle and the Anouk respectively and we played “spot the difference” with them when the Anouk was first launched in 2012.

Clear heels and stripper shoes: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

diary of an angry stripper shoesThe classic Cinderella slipper – a mule with one clear, PVC strap and a clear heel – can be worn as a prom shoe, or at weddings and can frequently be seen on contestants at body building, fitness competitions and other pageant events. But dress them up or down as you might, clear heels will always be known by one name: stripper shoes! These ones are available from for $54.95.

The shoes may have been famously called “nasty” by comedian Chris Rock (see the video at the bottom of this article) but the truth is that clear heels have been popular sellers for years, and not just for the bedroom. The recent pole dancing fitness craze saw sales of see-through slides soar (although experts generally recommend that beginners especially start on the pole with a shoe with more than one strap). And despite all this, the clear heel remains popular for its original purpose as a stripper shoe: the illusion it creates of an elongated leg creates an instant appeal for onlookers!

The guide to stripper shoes is below and should cover all you ever wanted to know about these shoes, and more. The topics we cover in depth below include where to buy stripper shoes, how to fit them and what the shoes are made of (you’ll sometimes hear them called lucite heels for example, which should give you a clue).

Adore by Pleaser Shoes

Red Adore stripper shoes by Pleaser, available via for $57.95.

Buying stripper heels

The number one rule when buying stripper heels is that you should buy a decent brand. You’re not going to be shelling out hundreds of dollars for your bedroom heels whichever brand you pick, so you might as well go for the top-of-the-line. If your boyfriend or husband wants you to wear them, then make him pay!

The most famous brand of stripper shoes by far is called Pleaser. They’ve been in business since 1993 and make literally hundreds of different high heeled shoes, but they specialise in stripper heels. The Pleaser brand is even recommended by Sarah Tressler in her Diary of an Angry Stripper (“A good stripper stiletto is the Nike of high heels,” Tressler once wrote in her now defunct blog).

Members of the public can’t buy high heels direct from Pleaser (they are strictly a manufacturer and wholesaler only) so you need to go through a retailer to get a pair.

pink pleaser shoes

We recommend as our retailer of choice: they have probably the biggest collection of Pleaser footwear on the web (please note that if you buy via this link we will receive a small affiliate commission). The Pleaser range stocked by includes the Wpink stripper shoes pictured above for $54.95.

Fitting stripper heels

When your Cinderella heels arrive you’ll obviously need to put them on. You would not think instructions are necessary for sliding on a pair of sexy mules but there are a couple of tricks.

First, the straps may be really tight to begin with, sometimes too tight to get your feet into at all (they will stretch and mould to your feet over time). One tip is to first try them on with stockings. This will make it much easier to slide into the shoes for the first few times you wear them.

Secondly, if stockings don’t work you can stretch the strap of the shoes by heating it gently with a hair drier. Once the strap is warm, put the shoe on (being careful not to burn yourself because that would be silly and it will hurt). The straps should then mould to the shape and size of your feet.

Other tips you may hear for stretching clear heels include putting beans under the straps (they expand when exposed to air) and freezing them with bags of water under the straps (the water expands when it turns to ice). We have never tried these and they sound messy and ridiculous. The hair drier works. Use the hair drier.

pleaser clear stripper shoes
Clear white stripper shoes by Pleaser  –  $41.95 online from

What are clear heels made out of?

The heels of stripper shoes are usually made from poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic sometimes called acrylic glass. The substance is popularly known as lucite and stripper shoes are often called lucite heels for this reason.

The material used to make the clear upper of stripper heels is usually either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane.

What is the history of clear heels?

In her book Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More author Linda O’Keeffe traced the origins of the modern clear heel to an “invisible sandal” created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1947. The Ferragamo heel used thin nylon threads to make a vamp and slingback. The concept was based on fishing line.

Beth Levine Cinderella shoeO’Keeffe also notes that in the 1950s, America’s “First Lady of shoe design” Beth Levine used a ruffled clear acrylic upper on a pair of flat sandals. Following on from this, Levine produced the Cinderella heel shown above in 1961 (the image is from the book Beth Levine Shoes).

Nina made a similar closed-in clear heel in the 1960s, and the clear mule style (often outlined with rhinestones) became commonplace that same decade. O’Keeffe’s book has a picture of a single-strap clear heeled mule with a transparent wedge from Neiman Marcus in the 1960s. The rest was history.

Is it true that many top-end designers have made clear heels?

See-through heels have been on and off trend for many years now, and over that period a good number of famous designers have produced their versions of Cinderella shoes. On this website we’ve covered attempts to incorporate PVC in shoes by designers such as Christian Louboutin, Nicholas KirkwoodOscar de la Renta and Stuart Weitzman to name but a few.

Celebrities in PVC heels

Celebrities have also been spotted in shoes which incorporate at least some PVC. Witness for example Hayley Atwell getting about in the Unbout Illusion pump from Christian Louboutin’s Spring / Summer 2012 collection. On 6 February 2013 Kim Kardashian instagrammed her set of not one but four different pairs of the Unbout Illusion see-through pumps! The picture (shown below) was liked by 251,000 fans.

Kim Kardashian clear heels

 Clear heels and comedy

One of the most famous mainstream mentions of clear heels is comedian Chris Rock’s stripper shoe routine, in which he asks “when did clear heels become the new whore uniform?” and opines that they were chosen because they are nasty! You can see a video clip of that routine below.

FAQ about stripper heels

We’re tried to cover many frequently asked questions about stripper heels in this article. If you have a question about these shoes and we haven’t answered it please contact us and we’ll do our best to find out the answer and add it to this article.

Thanks for reading our guide to stripper shoes.

Could you walk in these 6 inch sexy metal stiletto heels?

stiletto sandalsHeel heights just continue to get higher and higher, and these 6 inch fetish sandals are no exception. Their thin metal dagger heel is designed to both tease and torment, and probably to hurt like hell for any bystanders that might accidentally get trodden on.

Come to think of it, wearing this heel for long periods might not exactly be an exercise in comfort so much either.  This six inch heel is definitely made for the woman with a high arched foot in mind, and one with excellent balance or a high pain threshold or both.

red stilettos

Like all good sexy 6 inch sandals this shoe is designed fully reveal the sexy arch of the wearer’s foot for all the world to see. On a practical level it is also engineered to securely bind the wearer’s foot — because falling from such a height is a really bad option… So the shoe is part sexuality and part sensibility, but mainly the former if we’re truly honest!

Do you think you could walk in these naughty bedroom sandals? If you feel game to take up the challenge you can pick up a pair of Red Knotted Ankle Strap Patent Leather Women’s Sexy Sandals from Milanoo for only $89.99.

The heel height is officially 5.9 inches and the upper material is made of patent leather. The heel is all metal and dangerous with that. Definitely a shoe for the woman who is happy living her life on the edge.

And it’s definitely possible to walk in them, as this video shows. Even down stairs.

sexy sandals