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6 inch heels with no platforms are strappy and sensational

6 inch heels with no platform

Are these 6 inch wonder-heels impossibly sexy or just impossible?

Made for wearing but not necessarily walking, these strappy 6 inch heels have no platform. Instead there’s a vertical metal heel leading to a delicate ankle strap.

The shoes are available from Bitter Moon Heels via AliExpress for $82, although are frequently discounted beyond that. More pictures below and via the link.

walking in 6 inch heels

6 inch heels no platform


Shoe dangling or shoe play

dangling red high heels

The internet has many mentions and videos of shoe dangling, but what is this strange phenomenon?

In reality, shoe dangling is just what it says it is: the simple act of a woman letting her shoe dangle from her toes.

sexy sandals

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This is often seen as a sexy or teasing act, a way of using a sexy pair of shoes to catch male attention. The eye is drawn from the high heel – as most shoe dangling for this purpose is done in heels – up the wearer’s leg and beyond.

Part of the attraction of shoe dangling can sometimes be that the onlooker is unsure whether the “shoe play” (as it is also known) is absent-minded, merely playful or deliberately provocative. There is also the prospect that the shoe might eventually drop!

With the number of male devotees of high heels out there, a woman who dangles her heels in public is likely to find that at least one set of eyes in the vicinity lock onto her activities. Indeed, the practice even has a large following in the shoe fetish community where models post videos dangling their pretty pumps or slapping their mules against their feet.

So that’s shoe play – certainly harmless, sometimes flirtatious and generally fun for all concerned!

Pleaser’s “Domina” heels are a classic 6 inch mule

Pleaser Domina 6 inch mules

Pleaser’s Domina 101 mule has a reputation as one of the label’s highest and hottest stiletto sandals.

The sexy mule has been around for many years and can now be considered an instantly-recognisable classic. It gets at least a 4/5 star rating at major online retailers and is one of the most popular stiletto mules on the market.

You can purchase these super-sexy leather-strap slides from where they retail for just $59.95 with free shipping within the USA (no minimum order).

The Pleaser Domina 101 is also available via Amazon Fashion where prices vary. Amazon’s reviewers have generally positive comments to say about the Domina, including:

I love these shoes…

Are they comfortable? Of course they are not. You don’t wear 6” to be comfortable.

Pleased to find a stiletto mule sandal. Bonus being reasonably priced for leather.

Such nice quality for the price.

Check out more pictures of the Domina mules below.

Pleaser Domina mules



Pleaser high heels


6 inch stilettos were so last year: are 12 inch heels the next big thing?

extreme platform heelsSince when did 6 inch heels become passe? Since about now, if this latest offering from sexy shoe specialist Milanoo is any guide.

These extreme platform pumps have an 11.8 inch heel (but let’s call it 12 inches) and are available for as little as $278 via our affiliate link.

It seems that the price sometimes varies – we’ve seen them as high as $610.19 – so $278 is a bargain in comparison.

The platform height is of these red extreme platform stilettos is 6.3 inches, making a total drop of a mere 5.5 inches. Remarkable. Yikes, even.

UPDATE JANUARY 2017: Milanoo also previously offered a black version of these heels (see images below) but these are currently unavailable. If this changes, our site will be updated with a link. 


Sexy platform shoes

huge platform heels

Whopping platform heels with 9.1 inch stilettos

6 inch platform shoes


Heel heights are on the increase, and mules are very much on-trend right now. Even so, these whopping red platforms from Milanoo are probably more fetish than fashion.

The cowhide mules  have a 3.1 inch platform and a 9.1 inch heel, making a total rise of 6 inches. They are available online for $257.59 in a range of sizes.

For Milanoo’s 800+ pairs of other sexy and bedroom high heels, just follow our affiliate link here.

Shop amazing 6.3 inch metal heeled stilettos

6 inch high heelsWith a dynamite 6.3 inch dagger heel, this new single sole stiletto rockets itself onto the list of some of the highest heels we’ve ever covered.

The 6.3 inch blade heel is a specialty of established Chinese footwear manufacturer Sharp Heel. The best place to buy from the Sharp Heel range over the net is at online retailer Milanoo, which has the biggest and most accessible Sharp Heel retail range available.

The 6.3 inch metal stiletto is new to where it sells for $88.99.

The sexy shoe has a pointed toe, sexy d’Orsay cut-out sides to reveal the arch of the foot and an on-trend ankle strap.

Milanoo are selling this shoe in a range of colors besides pink: you can see the mint green, black and white versions below.

6 inch heels

Black PU Leather Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Sexy Pumps, $88.99

green high heels

Mint Green PU Leather Snake Print Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Sexy Pumps, $88.99

white 6 inch heels

White PU Leather Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Sexy Pumps, $88.99

fetish high heels

Black Pointed Toe Patent PU Ankle Strap Sexy High Heels, $88.99

Extreme Di Marni high heels are handmade in Ukraine

Di Marni high heelsShoe designer Aina Gasse has been creating and manufacturing extreme high heels under the brand name Di Marni since the year 2000. Di Marni specialises in enormous heels of up to 6 inches, often on needle thin spike stilettos such as the shoes we have featured in this article. The Manx by Di Marni heels pictured above are a little more modest: they vary in heel height between 4.6 inches and 5.2 inches depending on size.

Di Marni‘s high heels are all handmade in Ukraine from leather, with the production time varying between 15 and 65 days. The brand describes itself as “not afraid to experiment with new styles, unusual materials and colors,” and quality of materials and workmanship is also a point of pride. They are designed to be a luxury item – the black Manx stilettos pictured above cost €375 per pair (about US$630).

Di Marni makes its heels in Ukraine and maintains an office in Russia, but the brand does not retail online itself. The biggest range of Di Marni heels online can be found at retailer Charlotte Luxury.

Check out more pictures of Di Marni heels below including the red platform pair immediately following. They are called Öxia and retail for €450. The heel height of these pumps goes up to 6 inches for larger sizes.

Di Marni stilettos

Di Marni shoes

Di Marni heels

Di Marni

Fabulously fetish makes 6 inch heels to order in London

6 inch stiletto pumpsIf you’re looking for quality, hand made 6 inch high heels then Fabulously Fetish of London is a great site to consider. The heels are all hand made in a North London workshop by a team of craftspeople using the finest leather.

This means they do take a while to arrive after ordering and they’re not cheap, but the quality product is worth waiting for and the shoes are a step above cheaper fetish brands such as Pleaser.

Constantinos Kyriacou, also known as Cos K, is the craftsman behind Fabulously Fetish and he boasts an impressive pedigree in the fetish footwear design business.

Constantinos has been designing 6 inch heels for over 30 years and was an original pioneer in the industry, including as a founder of the well-known and now sadly defunct Leatherworks shoe brand.

We’re featuring two shoes by Fabulously Fetish today. The first is the bestselling Kiara black leather pump featured above.

This leather beauty costs £220 and takes 6-8 weeks to arrive. Like all Fabulously Fetish shoes, the sizing is UK size but there is a handy converter on the website. The heel height increases with size: a UK size 4 (US 6.5) has a 5.5 inch heel and a UK size 8 (US 10.5) has a 6.5 inch heel.

6 inch muleOur second featured shoe is a narrow-strapped 6 inch high heel mule, the ultimate in teasing fetish footwear. Called the Sakura, it is shown here in leopard hair on hide and black patent with beige resin soles and has heel heights like the Kiara featured above.

Sakura costs £205 from Fabulously Fetish.

Where to buy 6 inch heels online: 10 great sites to shop sky high stilettos

We receive a lot of requests about buying 6 inch heels online.

This guide sets out the best sites on the internet – large and small – that are selling 6 inch heels, bedroom shoes and fetish stilettos. You can find them all below (our guide was last updated in January 2017 and is regularly reviewed).

Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning we get a small percentage of any sales generated (there is no additional cost to you as the buyer). Most links are not affiliate links however.

If you have any recommendations for further sites where these towering, sexy heels can be bought please contact us and we’ll add them to this guide.

Milanoo – passion for fashion

6 inch black high heelsChina-based Milanoo has grown significantly over the last few years to now deliver to over 180 countries worldwide. The site retails a huge range of shoes and clothing, including plenty of very high heels.

In fact Milanoo has over 900 heels in its sexy shoe range, most of which are 6 inch heels or higher.

The site carries a large range of the Chinese-manufactured Sharp Heels brand such as the 6.3 inch stilettos we’ve pictured here (Milanoo, $104.99).

Buying from Milanoo is more accessible than buying via the SharpHeel website because Milanoo accepts credit cards and the Milanoo website is in English (Sharp Heel is in Chinese and only accepts payments in bank transfers, so the choice of Milanoo is an easy one!).

Black 6 inch sandalsAnother popular 6 inch plus heel on the Milanoo website is this black, metal-heeled stiletto sandal.

This shoe is also by Sharp Heel and also has a 6.3 inch heel. It is available via Milanoo for $98.99.

Pleaser Devious is one of the world’s largest site for shoe lovers. The site has a huge range of high stilettos, including from the popular Pleaser, Devious and the Highest Heels labels.

One of our favorites is the Tramp platform sandal from Devious. This shoe has a 7.25 inch heel but also a 4.25 inch platform, meaning the total heel rise is really only 3 inches. Tramp is available from ShoeBuy for $61.95 with free shipping and free exchanges in the USA.


6 inch shoes onlineYup, like a trusty pair of comfy shoes, Amazon might not be sexy but it is dependable, and the site is a “go to” point for 6 inch heels that are difficult to get elsewhere.

But that’s what Amazon does, right? The marketplace for everyone for everything.

The heels we’ve spotted here are are from Ellie Shoes. They’re a black, single-sole, ankle-strap pump with a ferocious 6 inch heel.

If these are the stilettos that interest you, good old has them available in the price range $51.09 – $69.00.

Ali Express

black high heel bootsAli Express has literally millions of products, many from Chinese manufacturers. That means they’re sometimes good for Sharp Heels products (including the heels you can’t get via Milanoo) although there are none I can find that are currently available.

Products include these black boots with a 7 inch shaft, available for $102.99.

Ali Express also has a range of other six and seven inch single sole shoes, both pumps and mules. You may have to poke around a bit to see what is in each store, and stores can come and go quickly.

Daniele Renzi high heels

Daniele Renzi high heelsBelieve it or not, eBay is the outlet for Daniele Renzi’s Italian-made high heels which have been sold on the site for years. D. Renzi pumps are 100% original and made of Italian patent leather.

Renzi ships worldwide, and has 100% positive feedback on eBay (including praise for fast shipping). Expect to pay €280 and up for a pair of D.Renzi pumps and close to €1,000 for the label’s leather boots. Heel heights are up to 6 inches, depending on the size of the shoe.

Italian heels

Italian heelsItalian Heels is another long-established retailer. Italian Heels hand-makes all its shoes in Italy (as its name suggests), and ships with a worldwide flat rate of €12 (around US$16.50) per pair.

We’ve ordered from them before and can vouch not only for the quality of the workmanship but also the quality of the presentation: our order was promptly shipped in a perfect, quality white shoebox.

The Italian Heels range includes a number of metal-heeled stilettos. Its six inch heels include the silver Danubia spiked-heel pump pictured above. This skyscraper stiletto retails for €125.55 + tax at Italian Heels.

Elite Heels

Elite Heels 6 inch heelsElite Heels is run by German shoe-lover Gina, Queen of Heels who we’ve previously featured on our site. The site features plenty of glamorous and fetish heels, including 6 inch pumps and mules. A feature of Elite Heels  is that it has several high heels that are unique to the site.

Elite Heels also sells custom-made fetish heels. The custom-made pair pictured here are called the Perfect Pin-Up shoe.

They have a 6 inch high heel with a 1/3 inch platform and retail for €299 from Elite Heels. Custom-making the stilettos and shipping them takes 8-12 weeks.

Fuss Shoes

Fuss high heelsGerman label Fuss Shoes has been operating as a specialist retailer of classical high heels since 1996. Fuss produces and styles its shoes in its homeland, but many are made in Italy.

The label has a huge range of pumps, boots, sandals and mules all with six inch heels or higher.

Featured here are an Italian made pair of red, single-sole ankle strap pumps available through Fuss Shoes for €134.99. The stilettos have a 6 inch heel in sizes 37 and 38 and even higher in larger sizes (details on the site).

Pierre Silber

six inch stilettoCalifornia’s Pierre Silber has been providing sexy shoes, lingerie and a lot of other things besides for over 25 years. This is definitely a site that knows what it is doing when it comes to internet retailing, and it has a good collection of 6 inch heels.

Pierre Silber does ship internationally and its shoes on offer include the six inch pump seen here which is called the Scream (Peirre Silber, $67.99, ships in 2-3 days).

Fabulously Fetish

6 inch stiletto pumps

Fabulously Fetish of London hand make all their 6 inch stilettos. They’re not cheap and they take a while to arrive (6-8 weeks from ordering) but the materials are quality and their head shoemaker has been making fetish stilettos for over 30 years (we profiled the brand here).

The Fabulously Fetish offerings include the Kiara pump featured here which is available for £220.

Is this the most popular six inch heel in the world?

6 inch stiletto sandalsIf totally impractical, 6 inch bedroom heels are your thing, then we’ve found a popular model at established website Milanoo. The heels have shiny, black patent leather straps with a feature knot over the top and attach with a delicate ankle strap.

Their standout feature though is a 6 1/4 inch firm steel heel – a genuinely sexy stiletto. Right now, these sandals are available on internet retailer Milanoo for $98.99.6 inch fetish heelsWhile we doubt that these are the most popular six inch heels in the world (surely the winner of that contest must go to a shoe made by industry-leaders Pleaser), they’re definitely very popular.

They’re consistently in the top 10 sexy sandals sold on Milanoo and at one point they were the #1 top selling sexy shoe on the site (beating 1,391 other pairs of sexy stilettos).

The other thing that could be said in their favour is the reviews: the shoes have an average 5/5 star rating on the website, with many favourable comments.

You can view and buy the sandals for $98.99 at Milanoo.