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We’re a firm believer that you can never have enough strappy sandals in your fashion arsenal. After all, what other style of heel will go with absolutely everything in your closet, from jeans and track pants to a LBD, office pencil skirt and Saturday night disco pants? In our quest to find absolutely every barely…

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There’s nothing like a little animal print to add some sass to your style and we reckon these Missguided beauties are just the ticket. In brighter color palette than you make expect from a snakeskin print shoe, the Zamia Snakeskin Court by online fashion favourite Missguided feature an eye catching bold print in beautiful sea…

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There is something incredibly chic about these wrap around sandals. Maybe it’s the elegant navy blue or perhaps the wooden block heel. Whatever the reason, the Colline by Reiss has raced right to the top of our must have list this week. With a peep toe and sultry ankle tie straps, its the perfect summer…

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Hold court in a metallic master class with these ultra sophisticated blue beauties from high street favorite Topshop. New in store today, the pointy toe and asymmetric silhouette leave no doubt that you know your style sums while the satin metallic sheen adds an unmistakably luxe edge. The dark blue hue oozes noir cool but,…

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When you want to slip into a look-at-me shoe, few things help you achieve instant magnet status as a pair of fresh neon heels. Available in neon pink and zesty neon yellow, the Clara leather strappy sandals by online hot shop Missguided scream disco cool. Perfect for summer, the simple design adds a sophisticated edge…

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When it comes to sandals, the skinnier and strappier the better is a mantra that never fails to deliver in the style stakes. These ROLO high heel strappy sandals are the embodiment of this philosophy. Super high with  a beautiful minimal design, they are ultra elegant and boast glamour by the bucket load thanks to…

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Is there anything chicer than a sculpted sandal? With pretty cut outs and a cool lace up detail, these gorgeous high heels are fresh from this week’s latest Zara drop. Packing in a couple of trends in one, they’re a quiet statement maker – there’s the on trend dark blue hue, the cut outs, the…

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Peep toes are fashion failsafe, add in chunky heels and a textual finish and you’re on to a clear winner. A favorite of street style bloggers and cool girls everywhere, the block heel is an essential element of any savvy fashionistas on-trend arsenal. Just dropped at online wardrobe, these Eliza Mock Croc make fashion…

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