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It’s official: Adidas do make sneaker high heels!

Adidas high heelUnlike its fellow sports-shoe and sneaker specialist Nike, Adidas does actually make high heels – or, more accurately, the company has at least made one pair. They might be rarer than hens’ teeth, but we have tracked down a legitimate pair of high heels made by Adidas.

This is the women’s ZX Heel from the Adidas Originals Blue range for Fall / Winter 2012. The heel was created under Josefine Aberg, the Design Director of Adidas Originals Women and Blue. It can be found to be advertised on some of Adidas’ websites such as the USAAustralia and Hong Kong.

High heel Adidas shoes

The high heel is a version of Adidas’ iconic ZX 8000 sneaker, which has been around since the 1980s. The high heel version retains the distinctive external heel counter design of the original (the heel counter is the sturdy support piece which runs up the back of the shoe, above the sole). Like the many flat versions of the ZX 8000, the high heel version has the heel counter in a contrasting color which associates it with its sneaker roots. The heel counter is made of patent leather.

The upper part of this high heel sneaker is made of a faux snakeskin leather. It also features a leather toecap and leather covered heel.

Adidas high heelsYou can see a shoe sketch of the Adidas ZX Heel W in this video, at the 1.50 mark:

The Adidas high heel also features in the Adidas Blue Fall / Winter 2012 lookbook video. It can be seen briefly at about the 0.44 mark here:

Kick a goal in high heeled sneaker boots

high heel sneaker bootsFor a variation on the sneaker high heel, how about high heeled sneaker boots? These Taylor black adult boots may not be much good for kicking goals, but they would be great to dress up to watch a game in.

UPDATE: I found the Taylor boots featured in this articles online in 2012 but they are no longer available.

They might also make for an excellent accompaniment to a racy referee costume for Halloween, or a cheeky cheerleader, lanky linebacker or upstanding umpire… I could go on but for once I won’t.

sexy sandals

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Anyhow my point is that it is the season for dress-ups, so little excuse is needed to add a pair of these cheap, cheerful and sexy boots to your collection. They are made of canvas and have a 4.5 inch heel.

sneaker high heels


Do Nike make high heel sneakers or are they all fakes?

High heel sneakers

One of the questions we are forever being asked is “do Nike make high heeled shoes?” We are also regularly asked whether shoes such as the ones pictured above are legitimate Nike products or fakes.

As the Nike high heel issue seems to be a continuing hot topic we decided to ask the brand itself whether or  not they produce high heel shoes.

The answer we received this week from a Nike spokesperson was very clear: Nike do not make high heels. Furthermore, unlike some other sportswear brands such as Adidas who occasionally make high heeled sneakers, Nike have never made high heel sneakers or shoes of any kind.

And at present they have no intention of doing so, although if consumer demand is high they might consider going down that avenue one day.

The full version of the answer we received from Nike was as follows:

Nike/Jordan does not produce any High Heel models, nor has either Brand in the past produced any High Heel models. As far as future prospects, we’re always listening to consumer feedback and we model our policies, procedures, and product lineups to this end.

If we see demand for Nike/Jordan High Heels is high, that’s something we would consider producing in the future.

So, at present, Nike doesn’t do high heels. That means that every story you see on the internet about a special, one off Nike high heel, and every store you see purporting to sell Nike high heels is not selling legitimate products.

To spell it out: the Nike Jordan high heels are fake, the Nike Dunk high heels are fake, the Nike Air Force 1 high heels are fake… well, you get the picture.

Nike says it is aware of counterfeit products in the market and is working towards eliminating this problem. The brand also says that because there is not one specific way to tell you if a product you have purchased from an unauthorized retailer is authentic or not, it is unable to advise or assist customers with specific questions about an item they have already purchased.

Nike also put out a release about some of these fakes on its website that said:

Any Nike Air Force 1 high heeled, Gucci or Burberry shoes you see are not authentic Nike products. Nike has no plans to make any of these styles available in the future.

Nike high heels

Up until 2012, there was good news for lovers of high heels and Nikes. That news was that NIKE, Inc (which owns the Nike brand) also owned the Cole Haan brand. Cole Haan produced a range of high heels that utilised the Nike AIR technology.

The shoes included these 4.3 inch Chelsea pumps (pictured above) which have Nike AIR technology in the forefoot and heel for comfort. These pumps were once available for $298 from Cole Haan.

However, in November 2012 Nike announced that it had sold Cole Haan to private equity group Apax Partners for $570 million. The transaction, which completed in 2013, was designed to free Nike up to do what it does best – produce and market sports shoes not heels.

While Cole Haan continued to utilise Nike technology in its shoes during a transition period, it does not appear that any heels now sold by Cole Haan have Nike AIR technology in them.

One final point should be made on this topic: this article is concerned with whether or not Nike has ever made actual high heels (ie thin, spiky things). Nike does do a concealed wedge “heel” on its women’s Dunk sneaker, but that’s another thing entirely.

Neoprene ankle boots: first Christian Louboutin, now Pierre Hardy

These color-blocked designer booties look a touch like high heeled sneakers, but you probably wouldn’t want to go jogging up the street in a pair. They’re Pierre Hardy’s new lace-up ankle boots, made of neoprene – the same kind of flexible rubber used in wetsuits. In purple, turquoise and beige, with a 5 inch heel and suede trim, they’re new to net-a-porter for £831.60.

If you think you’ve seen neoprene used in a designer high heel before then you’re right: Christian Louboutin used the material a year or so back. Louboutin didn’t stop at replicating a sneaker though: his heels went the whole way though with the dive concept. Louboutin’s yellow “snorkeling” dive booties created a huge splash when the designer unleashed them, but they’re currently sold out.

Neoprene shoes

High heel sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell

high heel sneakersThe Jeffrey Campbell brand has put its own unique twist on the high heel sneaker trend with the heel-less, multi-colored Ascension shoe, exclusive to Karmaloop. This color-blocked beauty retails for $215 and is a lace-up sneaker with a velcro strap, and a 7 inch heel height with 3 inch platform.

high heel sneakers

The Ascension reminds us a little of the “Dvea” patent leather sandal by Versace, which we featured being worn by Nicki Minaj way back in January 2011. The rapper certainly would rock these crazy, color-blocked heels, and we know she is no stranger to Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Earlier this year Nicki wore the Jeffrey Campbell Napoles high heel wedge sneaker in the video clip for her hit song Right by my Side.

wedge sneakers

See Nicki Minaj wearing her high heel sneakers in the video below (at about 1 minute 20 second mark):

Sneaker high heels from Adidas

This post answers whether sports shoe manufacturer Adidas makes high heeled shoes. The answer to this popular question is that, unlike Nike, Adidas has sometimes made high heel shoes in collaboration with fashion designers.

At the time of last updating this post on 12 March 2016, there were no Adidas heels currently available for sale. However, this post includes details from some of the occasions on which Adidas has has made 3-stripe stilettos in the past. If more Adidas high heels become available, this post will be updated.

sneaker high heelsFor the perfect mix of healthy athleticism and femininely, how about these high heel sneakers from Adidas? This is the Y-3 Dita stiletto which is said to fuse “sport technology and feminine elegance with a leather cage lined in breathable mesh.”

The Dita was from the Y-3 range, a collaboration between Adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. (The “Y” in “Y-3” stands for Yohji Yamamoto and the “3” represents Adidas’ signature three stripes.) The aim of the collaboration is to push the boundaries of fashion and sport, hence the high heeled sneakers.

While the Y-3 range is still available, the shoes currently retailing under the banner do not include any high heels. Back in 2012 however, the Dita sneaker from Y-3 retailed for €390.


high heel sneakers

The Oriah ankle boot also featured the famous Adidas three stripes and is from the same collection. It has a sneaker-like sports traction outer sole, and a futuristic heel that is claimed to cushion impact and boost energy return. It was available from Y-3 for €550 in 2012.

Adidas Jeremy Scott high heel sneakers

More recently, in 2014 Adidas collaborated with Jeremy Scott to produce a collection. This included a pair of red and white, three stripe high heel sneakers. The sneakers retailed for $200 but are unfortunately now unavailable on Adidas’ website.

Adidas high heel sneakers

At the same time, a number of other high heeled sneakers were produced by Jeremy Scott for Adidas. They included a yellow and black, closed-toe high heeled sneaker which was seen both on and off the runway at Paris Fashion Week in 2014.

While we can find no evidence that the closed-toe version or any of the other heels was ever offered for sale, some of the designs can be seen on Jeremy Scott’s website. They are worn by models who are showing some of the clothing designed as part of the Jeremy Scott Fall / Winter 2014 collection.

You can see some of these images below.

Adidas and Jeremy Scott high heel sneakers

High heel sneakers Adidas

Jeremy Scott Adidas