measuring high heels

How to buy high heels online

Shop the right size and perfect heel height first time.

Size guides, conversion charts and foot and heel measuring tips are just some of the useful things you’ll find here.

return rates for high heels

Buy high heels

The days when the exhilarating feeling of buying heels was relegated to a trip to the department store or corner ...
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Heels and culture

High heel size chart

Converting between international high heel sizes is not as difficult or painful as you might think. Using our free shoe ...
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high heels daily

Converting high heel heights from inches to mm

In this post we explain how to accurately convert heel heights from millimetres to inches (or vice versa). The simple fact is ...
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measuring high heels

How to measure the height of high heels

If you've ever wondered whether there's a right way and a wrong way to measure high heels, then you're right ...
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