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Wear Your Heels in the Grass with Starlettos

So you’ve got a garden party or an otherwise upscale outdoor event attend? Of course, you’ll want to look your best in a nice dress and heels. But then there’s the problem have having your stilettos sink into the earth or slip through the cracks. Before this meant one of two things: either risk scuffing and muddying your precious shoes or – heaven forbid – wear flats instead! Gasp!

Well now “Starlettos” offers a solution to your dilemma that will let you rock your heels without the worry. The shoe accessory consists of a pair of flower shaped plastic pieces that fit onto the tips of your heels. Basically, they spread the weight out a bit so you’re less likely to sink into soft surfaces. They are also large enough to prevent your heel from slipping into small spaces like those between the planks of a boardwalk. They come in four colors and sell for A$19.99 at starlettos.com.au.

Forget Jewellry, We Want Shoellrey!

When your shoes are the best loved items in your wardrobe it make sense that you would want to do you best to bring attention to them. Using shoe accessories are a great way to nicely frame your shoes and add variety to your footwear collection. Shoellery is a chic line of jewellry for your ankles/feet. But these are more than just your run-of-the-mill anklets. Just check out how these change the look of a pair of plain black pumps! The pieces sell for between $40 and $100. Click here to see more.

Suspenders for Your Heels!

Remember the Heel Condom? Well there’s yet another well-thought, but badly named product to make your life in heels a little bit happier. This go round the not-so-great name is St-Walkers – pronounces “street walkers.” But, no, this product has nothing to do with being a lady of the night. Rather, they are a clever invention by bridal designer Paul Milana.

“I’d been thinking about what I term the Cinderella Syndrome which women often suffer from, when their stilettos slip off at the most inconvenient moments – usually when they’re in a rush,” said the designer.

So he created jewel-encrusted shoe suspenders that wrap around the shoe and the wearers ankle to prevent slipping. A clever idea, although they do change the look of the shoe completely. The item sells on eBay for £4.95 plus shipping.