FN Shoestar Contestants Design for Fergie

Who needs TV these days when we’ve got the world wide web to entertain us? And it’s not just blogs and shoe sales keeping us glued to our monitors, the so-good-it-must-be-fattening phenomenon that is reality television has found its way onto the net and the new medium means niche shows are easier to find. We, … Read more

Behind the Scenes with Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a fascinating figure in the world of high fashion footwear. His shoes – particularly the high heels – are among the most coveted in the business, seen often on the feet of celebrities, first ladies, and others who have access to all the best things in the world. Louboutin heels are always … Read more

Woman Sets Soccer Record in High Heels

For some, wearing high heels is a feat in itself. But add dribbling a soccer ball to the mix and you’ve got something really special. That’s exactly what Tasha Nicole Terani does – and with world record speed, no less. The athlete dribbled a ball 137 times in 30 seconds, breaking her own 7-year-old record. … Read more