Wedges: The Pseudo Heel

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When you want the height of a high heel, but want a little more of a sturdy feeling under your feet, a wedge is a good way to go. This style is somewhere between the clunkiness of a tall platform and the sometimes tottering feeling you get from stilettos. But do these shoes really count as high heels? They certainly have the ability to create the same flattering shape for a woman’s legs and backside, but wedges are essentially casual. No matter how embellished or finely made, one would probably never wear a wedge with a cocktail dress… at least without making the ensemble look less dressy. Still, it’s a style that had endured for quite a while – past trend status to nearly classic. Check out these wedges from Thakoon, YSL, Jefferey Campbell, Bottega Veneta, and Alejandro Ingelmo. Photos via