Shoe Highlights from London Fashion Week

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In the month-long blitz that is the combined fashion weeks of the four major fashion capitals, London’s fashion week often gets a tad drowned out in its smushed spot between New York and Milan. The few days celebrating Brit style go by like a blur before the attention moves swiftly on the Italy where heavy hitters like Fendi, Prada, and Versace show. But we at HHD know how important London is the the fashion cycle.

The city is like the fledgling kid sister of the fashion world, hosting much of the emerging talent in the industry. This means it generally garners a bit less press than the rest, but it’s also the city where many of the design stars of tomorrow are brewing. Check out some of the runway shoe highlights from English capital. The list includes names you know and some you might not know yet.

Photos: Raw ShoesFashionologie