High heel art: Carrie LaChance

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In this new regular segment we’ll be featuring high heels related art and talking to the artists responsible for it.

If you have created photographs, drawings, poems or other artistic outpourings that feature high heels, we’d love to publish your work: please contact us. First up: Carrie LaChance.

Highheelsdaily.com: Welcome to highheelsdaily.com. Do you mind introducing yourself?

Carrie: My name is Carrie LaChance and I was introduced into the world of pin-up and fetish fashion in 2004 through modelling for the first time for www.archenemys.com.

I have been hooked on modelling bizarre fashions ever since!

I now run, own and maintain my own modeling website www.carrielachance.com along with being the co-owner of ArchEnemys, so my plate is always full of new and exciting adventures!

I am also working on my own line of footwear and latex clothing TBA.  These are just a few things I have planned.

Highheelsdaily.com: What do you like about modeling?

Carrie: I absolutely love the fashion and exciting adventures that modeling gives me. There is nothing the compares to doing a photo shoot in a sexy latex dress and a pair of 6” superarch heels!

The crazy clothing makes me feel sexy, edgy and beautiful.

Highheelsdaily.com: What is the story behind the image above?

Carrie: The image here was from a “Barbie” themed shoot I did in 2010.  Here are a couple more images from the same shoot (click to enlarge).

Highheelsdaily.com: And the shoes?

Carrie: These shoes are about 5.5” superarch sandals and can be bought on www.archenemysstore.com. My favorite color is pink, so naturally these are some of my all time favorite shoes.

My favorite heel height is 5.5” because they are extremely high, but yet still manageable for everyday wear (well for me anyways lol).

The outfit I’m wearing is made of spandex and the white is PVC. This outfit can also be bought at www.archenemysstore.com.

Highheelsdaily.com: Thanks very much for your time. Where can we find out more about you?

Carrie: Here are the links to my sites. Thanks for having me!