Smokin’ Kate Moss Closes Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week

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Louis Vuittion is rivaled only by Chanel for its spot at the pinnacle of Paris Fashion Week. The LV show is the unofficial close of the season and the presentation didn’t fail to send fashion month out with bang. Under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs, the show was a theatrical experience full of uniformed characters. On the footwear front higher than high heels were the rule throughout. Styles ranged from playful rubber rain boots to ultra feminine mary janes.

It was a beautiful presentation that wrapped with the surprise appearance of Kate Moss. The soon-to-wed supermodel closed the show wearing a pair of corset-laced boots with a wool knickers and leather lace jacket with fur sleeves. Kate strutted the square-shaped runway puffing on a cigarette with a bad girl attitude to match her boots. See the full video of the show below, follow by a few high heel close ups.