Designer Feature: Bettye Muller

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For part 2 of our designer feature series we are delighted to present a quick interview with designer Bettye Muller. Unlike some of the other talent in the series, Muller is a more established designer so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with her.

“My shoes are like Hitchcock Blondes. Like Kim Novak and Grace Kelly, they have a distinct look that is mysterious and beautiful. Each one tells a story.”

Below: Treat suede pumps from Bettye Muller Spring 2011

HHD: I love this comparison to your shoes! Your aesthetic is so elegant and understated, yet leaves a lasting impression – just like Hitchcock’s leading ladies. Are you inspired by film in general? What are some of your current faves?
Bettye Muller: I Loved the “Black Swan” and “The Kings Speech”

HHD: You have quite a diverse background. You’ve been an ice skater, an actress, and you’ve done graphic design. Do you have even more ambitions outside of footwear design?
Bettye Muller: Interior Design. There are lots of cross-overs between shoe design and interior design: lots of attention to detail, use of color pallets, fabric choices etc. I adore fabrics – maybe I could even do fabric design?

Below: Caprice printed wedges from Bettye Muller Spring 2011

HHD: At what age is it appropriate for a girl to start wearing heels?
Bettye Muller: It depends on the girl. Some very young actresses can pull off anything and it looks age appropriate. I just saw a three year old in a pair of kitten heels the other day; it’s a sign of the times.

Below: Sage Jeans espadrilles from Bettye Muller Spring 2011

HHD: Who would you most love to see wearing your shoes?
Bettye Muller: Definitely Alexa Chung; she has such great style. Or Jacquetta Wheeler who is a top, top model with great style also.

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