Why Helen Mirren Loves ‘Stripper’ Heels

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Not all of the high heels we see on the red carpet cost a lot of money. Some weeks ago, we saw Natalie Portman wearing a pair of heels from Aldo that cost under $100. Other stars are motivated a little differently when it comes to their red carpet choices.

British Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren has taken this a step further and goes for the footwear most chosen by “exotic” dancers. Dame Helen cheerfully admits that she prefers stripper shoes to expensive designer heels from the likes of Jimmy Choo.

Dame Helen Mirren’s love for stripper shoes was first revealed to Jay Leno when she appeared on his late-night TV show in 2010 to promote her movie the Tempest. Although the actress wore ordinary heels during her appearance, she explained her love for stripper shoes at the start of the interview:

I call them my secret weapon. They were stripper shoes that I used to buy on Hollywood Boulevard.

I remember $39 they  cost me. And I always used to wear them to red carpet events when I was nominated for things because they give you an immediate 7 inches.

In 2011, Dame Helen again explained her preference for the plastic fantastic shoes, saying:

“I often buy my shoes on Hollywood Boulevard at these places that sell them to pole dancers – because they’re really high.

“I’m only five foot four (inches), so I put those little babies on and I’m, like, five foot 10 and I can strut my stuff alongside Nicole Kidman anytime.”

In 2013, Dame Helen brought her clear heels to the public’s attention yet again when she wore a pair of see-through platform heels to the premiere of Red 2 at the age of 67.

To make sure they were on the public radar, the actress lifted up her dress so photographers could get a sneak peak at her shoes. You can see more in the video below.

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