Would You Wear It? LEGO-Covered Heels

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“LEG-GO Stilettos” is the formal name for these incredible footwear concoctions. Of course, they aren’t actually stillettos, but we’ll just call that artistic license. They were made by artist Finn Stone, a British sculptor known for his work in fiberglass furniture. And like Stone’s furniture these aren’t pieces meant merely for display – they can actually be worn!

The childhood-reminiscent shoes were exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in London, but reports say that the shoes ultimately debuted at $2,600 – for a size 5! We’re not sure that qualifies as “affordable” but I supposed it depends on what circles you run with. They are pretty cool, but we can think of a few other ways to spend that kind of cash on shoes.

What do you think? Would You Wear It?

Source: aolnews.com