Pregnant Celebs Come Under Fire for Wearing High Heels

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We always assumed the ladies of the red carpet had extra super powers that made them able to accomplish feats us mere mortals could never attempt. But the recent frequency of fully pregnant celebrities wearing sky-high heels in public has some people crying footwear foul.

Dr. Gino Pecoraro of the Queensland AMA has gone on record with disdain for the “trend” of pregnant women in heels. The doctor mentioned a hormone called “relaxin” that might make  it tougher for mums-to-be to negotiate high heels. “When you couple that with the significant change in your centre of gravity you get when you’re carrying a child, and the shifts in balance necessary to wear these very high heels, the chances of a harmful fall is much higher,” says Dr. Pecoraro.

Above, Victoria Beckham seems to squat to stabilize herself in a stilt-like pair of platform pumps. The star, who’s due to deliver her fourth child in July 2011 attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame star presentation for British entertainment mogul Simon Fuller. Beckham is a pro at strutting in high heels, as are her Hollywood colleagues Jane Krakowski and Kate Hudson – both of whom have also been criticized for wearing extreme shoes while being with child.