High heel art: Rene Ackermann

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A long overdue addition to our high heel art section tops today’s news, complete with our model interview of Rene Ackermann!

Highheelsdaily.com: Welcome and thanks for sharing your photograph. Do you mind telling us a little about who you are and what you do?

Rene: I am South African and I live in sunny Norway. I spend my time traveling around Europe interviewing heavy metal bands at festivals for my website www.contrabandcandy.com and working as a self employed dancer.

Highheelsdaily.com: What can  you tell us about this photo?

Rene: The photo was shot by Willy Hutch. It was taken in a sexy Bentley, in London. It was the first time we were working together and we just went with the flow and saw what we could achieve.

Highheelsdaily.com: And the shoes?

Rene: The shoes are actually the photographer’s (Willy Hutch). He has a whole collection of them specially for photo shoots. I think they look great with this outfit and they felt great to wear. I am more of a fetish heel and big boots kinda girl though 😉

Highheelsdaily.com: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Please remind us of your website!

Rene: My pleasure. Here’s a link to my site:




Artists and models welcome: If you’d like to feature in our high heeled art section or you know someone who would, please drop us a line.